Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kinless gets kin.

Took advantage of the new character transfer service. Kinless being on Argent Dawn, one of like five eligible servers to transfer off of, he took the dive, headed over to Kirin Tor where he'll be in the good company of Greenclaw, Freewind, and Itarilda.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Life without WoW.

This living in temporary quarters is a tough thing. No real internet. Some wireless connection of mediocre signal strength and bandwidth. Seems to work fine for the gent upstairs whose wife uses the internet to videoconference with friends and family back home, but for me, I can barely load a webpage with graphics.

So I can't play WoW, unless my good friend lets me use his internet connection on an occasional basis.

Until I get my own internet again I have to find something to do.

I visit my guild's website and raid vicariously with them. (Chromaggus down!)

I work on my genealogy. Well, since it's pretty much established and the brick walls have only become even more resolute than ever, that amounts to creating the coats of arms from the blazons and importing them into the database. Every now and then a branch of a family is added.

We got Sid Meier's Pirates! for the PC before we moved. So I've played that. Eventually I retired, worn out and weakened with age, at the ripe old age of 3o-something, with the plain daughter of a Dutch governor, and, I had become a Governor myself, very rich, living the rest of my days happily and lavishly.

We then got Fable: The Lost Chapters. After 20 some hours of played time I've defeated Jack of Blades. Yes, I rescued my sister and got Avo's Tear instead of the Sword of Aeon's. I have 5 wives, including the Lady Grey, the most recent I married in Snowspire Village. With 25 Silver keys I'm about to head to the Necropolis where a small bird tells me I'll find some nice armor. At the old age of some 64, with max strength, health, and toughness, and magic, I am a killing machine. I collect legendary weapons as a hobby. :)

Once I finish Fable:TLC, Dungeon Siege II will be my next poison. My wife is playing during the day so she can clue me in.

All I can say is: Rested Experience Bonus!!!

Your bored correspondent, Kinless.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Double header.

Friend of mine went to Ireland with his family to help celebrate the birthday of a friend of theirs. But he left me the keys to his place so the wife and I could get a little World of Warcraft play time in.


Friday night it was the Forsaken Warrior Morticai and the Forsaken Mage Zauberin's night. We flew down to Thousand Needles and worked to complete some of the quests we had. We did the Test of Strength quest. We summoned the dead Dragon atop the Grimtotem Mesa, twice. We tracked down Rok'Alim, twice. First time we killed him we weren't on a quest. Second we were on the quest and has spent the better part of an hour running around hoping to run across him again. We finally did. We concluded the evening about ready to undertake the Test of Lore quest from the Shaman fellow up in Stonetalon Peak.

Saturday night it was the Night Elf Warrior Freewind and the Night Elf Druid Itarilde's night to play. Freewind being just level 24, and Itarilde just level 25, headed to the Wetlands. We went to the excavation site, found the fossils for the archeologist in Menethil. We also killed a scad of raptors. Ten of every sort at least! We found a few ancient fragments for the archeologist still stationed there at the site. And we killed Sarltooth for a gentleman outside the cave. Sarltooth was orange for me, but with a Druid healing me, and who loves me, the fight was very easy. Looking for our final vase we managed to fight Sarltooth a second time. I'll admit one fight got hairy as we attracted three or four green raptors at once. I fell and before Itarilde did she battle rezzed me (yay!) and we won the battle. It was close though. We then ran up the road to some tomb and killed slimes until one gave up a bag it was carrying. On the way back I asked if we could just kill an orc or two. Itarilde was getting tired and we were wrapping up the night. We did kill two orcs, and then returned to Menethil. (Both she and I dinged while in the excavation site. She to 26 and me to 25.) I turned in the quests and dinged 26. Yay! We hearthed to Stormwind City and trained and then logged off.

Not a lot of play time, but quality. :)

I've been thinking about character transfers that will be coming up.

Kirin Tor has pretty much become a nice RP home for us. We don't RP but we like the fact that there's not (too) much 1337 speak.

So, my dream team, assembeled on Kirin Tor:

Kinless, level 48 Night Elf Hunter (from Argent Dawn and brought out of retirement)
Darkhand, level 45 Night Elf Rogue (from Frostmane and brought out of retirement)
Greenclaw, level 36 Night Elf Druid (already there)
Freewind, level 26 Night Elf Warrior (same)
Pharazon, Draenei Paladin (because a demon Paladin will be cool)

5 for the Alliance.

Darkhoof, level 60 Tauren Shaman (if he leaves Smolderthorn)
Oddity, level 46 Orc Arms/Fury Warrior (if he leaves Smolderthorn)
Morticai, level 36 Forsaken Protection Warrior (Arms/Fury if Oddity stays put)
Darbanville, level 25 Forsaken Priest (if she leaves Smolderthorn)
JohnDoe (no name yet), Blood Elf Warlock (of course)

5 for the Horde

Sunday, June 11, 2006

No reagent vendor. No flght point.

No real internet connectivity.


What's up with that??

(Heidelberg's Old Town as seen from it's Castle.)