Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blackhoof's not an egotist. ... No, wait a sec. Nope. He is. :)+

It's been mentioned that I don't talk enough about the other people I play with. Oh, I don't know about that. I've mentioned Droonda/Itarilda, my wife. How she just got her Timberwolf mount. Even had the picture to show for that. Nachmahd my buddy. The only screenshots I could catch of him show an empty scene, no Tauren. What's up with that? He's probably out of range picking an herb somewhere. I'd call him a Pansy, in honor of his devotion to herbs and such, but he's about 2 feet taller than me and double my size. Don't mess with a Tauren or you'll get the horns. So Hippy and Flowerboy will have to do.

Soooo, without further adieu, let me tell you a little about our latest adventure.

We set off to kill us some pirate captains. You know the three Captains, moored off the beach to the east of Booty Bay.

We make our way out to the island. There's a mess load of warlocks to be cleared. I go after imps first, then the 'lock herself. I hate the fireballs. Nachmahd is beside me, damn Enhancement Shaman making me work to beat him in DPS, and Droonda is backing us up, yay for Restoration Shaman! It's easy to clear off the island.

Now we have two boat ramps. Up the left one we go. There's two or three at a time. Swashbucklers and Mages and some sort of Rogue slash Deckhand type. I so hate being gouged over and over. Hard for me to hold the aggro. Me being Msaker of course. (See it's not all about Blackhoof. ):p )

Hey, isn't that some nice emoticon for a Tauren?
):) = happy Tauren.
):( = sad Tauren.
): = ambivalent Tauren.

:][ = tusked Orc? (We don't smile)

Where was I? Ah yes. So we've stormed the first ship. We do pretty good. Droonda is pulling a little aggro, but nothing we can't handle. (Cheaper on the bullets that way.) We clear through to the Captain and kill him.


Next boat. Same procedure as last year. We clear down to the Fleet Admiral this time. Hey! This is easy. The 2nd and 3rd targets of our assassination quest done here.

The first on the list must be on the boat off to it's own. "This is going to be sooo easy" I think.

We swim over, clear the island. Mana regenned we storm the boat. Kind of a WTF moment arises when we are just surrounded by pirates. What's an adventurer to do? "Run" I say to my wife and I turn and leave the boat. "Run" I type in party chat. I keep moving out. "Run" I type again in party chat. I've got 4 or so on me. Droonda and Nachmahd's health bars are dipping. Mine is too. (Love the shield and plate armor.)

Two pirates swim after me and take me down to about 1/3 and then stop. They just stop in the water. This is like a guard spawn! That's NOT what was on the other ship. They spawned more and more just because we were there.

Well. That's just not fair.

Nachmahd anked, Droonda is rezzed, and I dance and wait. "I'll pull" I say and go up the ramp. Pow and I get two to follow. Maybe it's three. Well, this seems to be the toughest boat. There seems to always be more pirates than we see and expect. BUT we're two Shaman and a Warrior. You think we can be stopped? Nah. The 1st Captain is killed and we swim back. Job well done.

That concluded our adventures for the night and everyone logged. Everyone, that is, except that wished-he-was-an-Officer Blackhoof. But let's not talk about him again. :)
Rank 6. Nice. Never been an officer before.

"And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to." - Col Jessup, A Few Good Men.

So I got into the Officer's Hall finally. Bought myself a nice Officer's Tabard. Next week I hope I'm rank 7 and I can pick up some of the officer gear. It's late nights, but a 15% increase in my Ghostwolf run speed might be worth something.

And all the while my faction rep grind is steady. Over 1/3 of the way to Exalted with Frostwolf. Half way or so to Revered with Warsong and the Defilers. All of these factions offer nice rewards. My goal, if it's even possible at my casual pace, is "Champion".

It's not all wins and wins.

Alterac Valley we lost 3 times in a row. Twice as we were working on Vanndar. The first we got bogged down on the road to Stormpike Graveyard. I can't imagine the hours long battles that used to be waged. But I got 3 tokens out the effort here.

Arathi Basin I entered in with some trepidation. This is the toughest one of the battlegrounds for me and the battles seem most personal. It was pug-vs-pug and we five-capped it. Woot. 3 tokens from this.

Warsong Gulch, and it's gotten late. I only needed 1 more token to make 3. Initial rush out the gates. I see Alliance running down west side of the Gulch and we running up the east side. I'm epic mount, carrot on a stick, mithril spurs, and I always dismount outside so they can't hear the dismount. I'm alone and I run to the balcony. There's a fight going on below and someone bubbles me. "God? Is that you?" No matter, I grab the flag, drop an earthbind, a searing totem, and run for the door. Ghostwolf and start running. Back down to our base along the west side. Our flag is taken and is going north mid-field. I have company with me. Troll. Friend. I go up the ramp. Our flag is still gone. I tuck myself into a corner and wait. I see a Night Elf ride up and approach. I jump down and land on a gnome. (Heh.) Earthbind and I run down the tunnel towards the speed boots. Gone. And 3 more red names coming up at me. Hmm. I turn and run out the side tunnel. Up to the roof. I cross the area, jump down, drop an earthbind, and then go out the door I first exited at the game start. I ghostwolf and make myself scarce behind some clutter in a corner. I see that I've been targeted, by a hunter. Dwarf. Grrr. Well, I can't stay put. So I take off, moving to the east, and then north, off the cliff. But I don't want to go too far, so I cut hard to the left and simply run west along the bottom of the cliff. Not sure I want to try the tunnel, since most flag deliveries are handled via the tunnel I expect there'd be a mob in there, so I keep running west. Then up the ramp, back around to the left, and then up into the base at the balcony. Bang, our flag is returned and I jump off the balcony and cap it. 1/0.

Well, that's a lot of running so I try a little defense now. I'm keeping totems down by the flag. It's kind of quiet. There's a priest there with me, from my own server it turns out. Two rogues too, Night Elf and Gnome. As soon as I come out of gouge I'm gouged again. Mooo! When I come out of this gouge I just start jumping around, I'm spamming shocks, the priest is bubbling and healing, both of us, and first the Night Elf dies and then the gnome is gone. Dead? Doesn't matter because here comes a mage, with the Alliance flag, and she caps it. 2/0. Nice. /cheer!

Rinse and repeat. Except this time no rogues show up. Guess the leetness of me and the priest have kept them scared away? Good. "I AM SHAMAN! HEAR ME ROAR!" Believe it! Please? (We are seriously so nerfed vs. the pally's. Whatever shall we do?) Anyway, here comes the Alliance flag. Our base is a sleepy haven waiting for it. I drop an earthbind at our flag and then head down the tunnel. What's that I see? A blue flag. Yay! Surrounded by red names. Ruh roh! I run down and drop an earthbind. I'm trying to target the closest attacker. The mage is out in front. A Warrior. Frostshock! But, alas, the mage falls. Oh noes! I remember reading there is a delay between the flag dropping and reappearing. And it reappears ahead of the drop in the direction of travel. I am surrounded by Alliance now. They're worried about getting their flag back. "Oh. This Flag?" I grab it. I've got Alliance on me like they were ticks and I was some backwoods 'coon hound. The priest is keeping me alive. I'm concussed and poisoned and slowed and I walk the flag to our flag. Capping it as the rogues are busy trying to kill me. "HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN?! I AM SHAMAN!" Heh. 3/0

Ah. It's late and I turn in For Great Honor (3 tokens from each of the battlefields). Rank 7: I'm coming for you.

Blackhoof - Kirin Tor.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Go Dawgs!

Droonda got her mount. She was very happy. And she always had a thing for red heads. (She married me afterall.)

About 120K in honor this week. Hooray for the new x-server Battlegrounds.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Road Trip!

Really enjoying playing the tank. Msaker, the name, means Carnivore in Armenian. Ashot Msaker was a king of theirs way back. Anyway, looking at it, doesn't it look like Massacre? Kewl.

Spent a bit of time in the Arathi Highlands and up in the Alterac Ruins. We're hunting elite Ogres. (When we can kill a Mauler in edgewise between the two level 49 Hunters, One a Troll, one a Night Elf, tiger and boar for pets, named Cat and Boar. They ran circuits, and the were running the identical pattern hours later when we returned. Bots? I'm 100% sure of it.

Then we do a run up into the Hinterlands. After we'd insulted the Witherbark Trolls long enough, collecting their skulls and making a village decoration out of them, (Probably a well known fact: not every troll has a skull. Yeah, mon!) I called a Road Trip. We'd run to Reventusk Village on the coast. Before we entered the village we killed a few turtles. I, level 46, and Droonda, level 39, and our friend Nachmahd, level 48, enjoyed the run.

Later Msaker and Droonda returned to Grom'Gol. The easy way.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I couldn't do that. Could you do that? Why can they do it? Who are those guys?

A line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when Butch wonders at the trackers following them.

The new Battlegrounds. An improvement? I don't know. But I can say there were like 19 Alterac Valleys happening (mid-afternoon EST) and rather than wait 2 hours for an AV match to pop, (or more), I couldn't walk away from the AV quest giver before the match started. At one point I had 12 honor marks in my bag because the matches were coming so quick I couldn't turn them in. It also meant I advanced from about 6k in honored to Exalted. In one night.

So, staying up way later than I should have, after I was done in Orgrimmar Blackhoof mounted up and rode post haste up to Alterac Valley itself. There was a quest to turn in (had I done something?! :) that would give me a weapon of sorts. :/ The Ice Barbed Spear is worth 7g when I sell it to a vendor. The one-handed mace I could use, *if* I needed a one-handed Mace with +Str on it. Which I don't. I haven't picked yet.

Then I went to see what was available to me for being exalted with the Frost Wolf folks. More weapon choices. A big blue axe. :/ (Stats aren't that good for me.) Ah, well. With Revered I'll actually pick up the Don Rodrigo's band, and Therazin's touch, perhaps. And the Lei of Lifegiving. I'll also pick up The Unstoppable Force and that Shield, for the times I respec back to Enhancement to spice things up. And then it'll be Arathi Basin matches.

And once Revered is reached with the Frostwolf Clan I'll head out and offer my services to the Defilers. While AV offers weapon choices, AB offers armor upgrades. They complement each other. By design!?

All in all, I was pleased last night with my ability to play Alterac Valley as much as I wanted.

One negative though. Previously playing against folks on my server, I knew a few of the people on my side, "Oh, look! A guildie!" and some on the other as well. "Not those punks. Not again!" Knew *of* them that is. Now each match is a collection of 40 strangers from across the servers. I keep looking at the list trying to find someone else on from Kirin Tor. Or find someone from my old guild over on Smolderthorn. (There are Battlegroups of servers? How's that determined??" I wonder if we'll make "friends" and "acquaintances" like the old days, heh, or is 6 Million players too large a pool to expect that?

Anyway, Blackhoof of Kirin Tor /salutes you.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why do we fight? Why do our factions fight?

Do my actions in the battlegrounds effect anything or anyone except myself? No. I could get a rank that I have to fight to maintain. That's just a tag over my head that other people see. I could get my hands on the officer's gear of my faction (Horde or Alliance) if I get high enough rank, and I can get gear from the groups who we do battle for (Frostwolf Clan, Silverwing Sentinels, etc.).

Remember last year-end? The "Christmas" themed city decorations? I was thinking why not use that kind of "decorating" as a reward for a faction doing well?

Picture the NPC's walking around. Shoulders stooped. All of them dressed like Topper McNabb. Blue skies are gone, replaced with gray clouds. (No rain though. Just gray skies.) Take away the luster, add some general shabbiness and gloom. This place looks like it's hit the skids.

Over in Orgrimmar, the innkeeper and her patrons are wearing tuxedos. The stone floor in the bank and the auction house are replaced with marble. The open fires are contained in fire buckets. Things look a little bit neater. The vendors are buying stuff for a slight premium. There windriders fly a bit faster than the alliance's griffins, who've succumbed to a miasma of sorts.

Oh my! Has Stormwind City suffered a plague? An economic downturn? No. The Alliance side has not earned as much honor, relatively, as the horde side. (More Alliance population needs to get more Honor against a smaller Horde population.)

If we can string up Christmas lights, we can certainly make a place gloomier, or brighter, in response to how the faction has done in battlegrounds.

This would give folks an incentive to participate in the wars raging every day in the battlegrounds. (When they're working, of course.) Each side will want the pleasure of, and take pride in, getting their side the spiffy digs and improved earnings, and would love to see the other side living in greater squalor.

Now that's something worth fighting for. I want to see gnomes on skidrow, their persistent little smiles removed from their faces. With extreme prejudice. "Death Coil this, my preciousses." >;) Or living in splendour, whatever your poison. Whatever you are willing to fight for. Because it'll make a difference to everyone around you.

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You'll know your side has been CRUSHED when your beautiful cities look like Stratholme. Time to contribute.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

GG Blizzard. Ya went and broke World of Warcraft.

To whom it may concern,

You began extended maintenace two hours early today. And now you tell me it is scheduled to last two hours later as well? Due to issues? What the hell? Key rings and a Shaman nerf. Bam. You patched those in just fine last time. Yeah, I admit, Cross Realm Battlegrounds sure sounds like a technical feat. All that networking mumbo jumbo is meant for brains brighter than this Tauren's 25W bulb. Cross-Realm = Cross Server, no? Aren't you having server problems as it is? Sorry, but IMHO you should have fixed the server issues first. Experienced a few weeks of server happiness. Then patched cross-server stuff into the game. Servers broke? Check. Broken servers connecting to broken servers? Check, check. Hmm.

Anyway, hurry it up. I've got rank to check.

Yours truly,

Blackhoof of Kirin Tor

P.S. Love the game. Please fix it. KTHXBYE.

P.P.S. In way of apology you might, if you are so inclined, drop one of those Totems of the Storm in my bags while the server is still down. I don't have one of those yet. Sure would like one though. If you could arrange it I'd keep mum about it. Promise.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Consolidated on a good server: Medium population, more RP, less 1337, active Battlegrounds, all my characters.

Darkhoof retired from Smolderthorn and has been resurrected as Blackhoof of Kirin Tor, 60 Tauren Shaman. Blackhoof is quite pleased that twice the number of alliance versus horde means the battlegrounds are as busy as ever. Too, horde tend to win most bg's. And, shocking, he actually gets invited in BG raids. (On Smolderthorn in AB and WSG nobody ever invited anyone and folks just lose, and they were always losing, on their own.)

Oddity also retired from Smolderthorn and has been resurrected as Msaker of Kirin Tor, 45 Orc Warrior.

Msaker is joined by Droonda, my wife, a 37 Orc Shaman. Their friend Nachmahd, 46 Tauren Shaman, greeted their arrival.

It's been a good transfer over. I have my characters, my wife, and a friend and co-addict, all with me on the same server. Each of us have multiple level 30 characters here. Droonda is my wife's character closest to level 40 and her mount. I have four characters with mounts, one level 60. Morticai (36 Forsaken Warrior) and Greenclaw (36 Night Elf Druid) are close to their mounts too.

It's really really good having a built in support network and close friends close by.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Spies in the mix. Twinks must die.

Hmm. Some things make you go "HMMM!"

Last night Freewind, Itarilda, and our friend Nachruf quested some in Duskwood. We were now tasked with slaying Morbent Fel. Not an easy task. He's orange to me, and an elite. And he's guarded. Such an easy fight. We cleared the lower area and slowly moved up the stairs. With a Druid and a Paladin present, and Freewind tanking with sword and board, it went so smoothly. The adds went down, and then we worked on Morbent Fel. I absolutely love it when something goes that well.

Freewind's level 29 now. And he was within 3 bubbles of dinging 30. What's that mean? Yeah, baby: Battlegrounds!

I was going to be top of the pack in there. Level 29 Warrior, what could go wrong? Mmmm, how about twinked Rogues whose enchants damage you more than their swings. I kid you not, I examined the combat logs. Their weapon enchants were doing more damage on me than their weapons were. That's just wrong. Sorry. In order to finally get my Crusader enchant on my level 60's Earthshaker, I had to save up a lot of stuff and sell a lot of herbs. But here, these level 29 characters have what amounts to 50G in enchants on their weapons? It's not their skill at this point, it's the money they're willing to dump on a level 29 sword. All I can do is make their life tougher. Rends, deep wounds, and hamstringing them. And I pay particular attention to them. I even make special "/target Twink" macros so I can find them whereever. I know I'm winning when they single me out for their attention. ;) Win, lose, it's just a difference in two honor tokens. And I'll save my cash for the necessary things. Like buying my wife's Enchanter weapon enchant spells!

Spies in the battlegrounds. Someone stated in the Warsong Gulch /General "They can see where we are." I thought it was the ravings of a poor loser. However, nobody answered back "L2P noob." I thought it was unlikely. Until I saw a zerg approach our tunnel. There must have been seven of them. The 3 rogues with their brilliantly glowing Enchants. I was watching from above, at the cemetary (where I spent a great deal of time it turns out), as they approached. I was going to announce "Zerg incoming" to the raid. Then I saw them turn, and head east. All of them. Hmm, I thought. Curious, I was watching to see where they went. Nobody on my side was over there. Maybe this was a secret way up to my level. Roh roh. They got to the trees and one of the Rogues went behind a tree limb. Okay, this is where I can see the path up, I thought. Or, maybe, this is a secret spot where folks can hide with flags. But nobody is there. I don't see a flag.

Then the rogues two lightsabers start swinging. And then the group erupts. From their midst stumbles a level 22 Druid. She's stunned and going down fast. I look for the flag. I don't see one. What's going on???

Why do 7 Horde approach our base, ignore getting the flag, head to a nothing corner of the map and track down and kill a level 22 Druid?? I didn't see her, no way could they have seen her. She must have been Shadowmelded, and behind a tree limb. These guys zeroed in on her like guided munitions to a bunker. We've got a snitch.

I announce it in /General and nobody says anything about it. The zerg grabs the flags and caps it for the win. I haven't done too badly scorewise. I'm near the top with killing blows (DOTs FTW!) and Honor Kills. (And deaths.) At the bottom is the Raid Leader. Level 29 Druid. 0 Killing blows, 0 deaths, 30 Honor Kills.

The raid rejoins the queue and we're shortly back in. And against the same folks. This time I do not join the raid, preferring to go on my own. Later on in that match, as we're one flag away from losing, I decide to scope things out in wisp form. I go to our flag area and see two enemy rogues in our flag room. (That's where I died.) I announce it to /General. Someone invites me to the raid and I decline. I watch a Night Elf Hunter come in and she's struck by the first Rogue. She sends in her cat and is stunned by the second rogue. /General "And that's the 2nd one." I say. They win, we retire to the Keep.

There I see some cats running around. Level 29 Druid knows the Level 22 Druid. Both are Corporals. Hmmm. Ms. Cat Form-Can see humanoids on a radar map-and-Does not Die knows Ms. Zerged Druid. Both unguilded.

Is it possible to be in Vent and report to your buddies so their WSG experience, not only enhanced by massively expensive enchants, is also given preternaturally abnormal amounts of info? Was I set up here? Sure feels like it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Itarilde & Freewind.

Druid and Warrior hearthing home after a hard day in Duskwood.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Iodized Salt.

Had a fun weekend. (Except for the moving in part, and taking loads of stuff down to the garage and basement that perhaps I don't need to own at all anymore.)

Got back to Alterac Valley with Darkhoof and conclude the week, so far, with 952 Honor Kills and some 20,000 Honor. It's so easy to get the kills and honor in AV. Last match I got 400+ HKs. And, an added bonus, every AV I've played to conlusion ends with a Horde victory. (And I've been studying up on it and have a better idea what the goals are.)

With the wife now connected the two us returned to Azeroth. Freewind (26 NE Warrior, Arms) and Itarilde (28 NE Druid, Feline Swiftness + Resto) went to Duskwood and began the quests there. This was her first time there, ever, and she liked it. "Like a spooky Elwynn," she said. Of course, isn't it almost mandatory, that wandering elite skeleton guy bumped into us and we had to run for our lives at one point. She faery fired him and that was the end of her story. So between the two of us I tried to tell her that, basically, I need to hit stuff first, and hardest, and she can kick in with her attacks afterward. "What am I supposed to do? Just stand there??" "Of course not. Just let me get them to hate *me*. Then you can join in." We get into our groove. Kill some Worgen, kill lots of Skeletons and Ghouls. (We make the run from Catacomb crypts through tunnel into the Ghoul Cemetery.)

Later that evening our friend Nachmahd (45 Tauren Shaman, Enh) comes on and can help us out. This is when Zauberin (Forsaken 31 Mage, Arcane) and Morticai (Forsaken, 35 Warrior, Fury) come on and head to Hillsbrad. We assault Don Boragh (or whatever that elite dwarven place is called) and kill a Capt. Underhill. But Nachmahd, irl, had been helping another friend with his kitchen installation, :), and logs off early. And Kathleen is tired too, so that concludes our questing together.

Morticai returns to Ogrimmar and looks in his bags. 2 Warsong Gulch token markers. 3 for a turn-in, and it's Warsong Gulch weekend. Auspicious.

So I sign-up for WSG. I figure as long as I can get 25 HK's, win or lose, I'm good for at least a turn-in. WSG pops and I get invited to a group. Being level 35 I'm kind of mid-level. But I can Rend Rogues and Hamstring Carriers, so I can provide some benefit to the raid. And, boy, do I hate Gnome Rogues. So sneaky. Such snakes. So I pay special attention to them. At one point a 39 Rogue comes into our base, and as he and a Paladin take me on, and down, he actually does the "/chicken" move to me. He dies many more times afterwards, at my hands. Oh yes, we win. I'm shocked. And the raid signs-up again and we are almost immediately back in. And we win again. And again back in, and yet another win. Four wins in a row and it's nearly midnight so I bow out. What a blast. Morticai is Fury, as I've mentioned, and Dual Wielding, and he has two 1.5 second Long Swords in his hands. Of the Tiger, and Of the Bear. And I found that if I have a good buckler in one hand, and one of those swords in the other, I've got that much more armor and I'm still making dents. (A Fury Warrior becomes what amounts to a Rogue in Plate Armor. Pre-MC days we had a Warrior who would regularly out DPS most of the other classes in our raids in UBRS and such.)

But I'm not quite ready to sleep. Darkhoof logs on. He's got 945 kills in the week. Can I break 1,000? I sign up for Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. WSG pops. I ask if they're inviting and get into a 5-man raid. We do pretty good. We actually have 2 flag captures. But the alliance are hitting pretty damn hard. But I'm in my 8/8 Earthfury + Staff of Dominance. I've got the extended reach on my lightning bolts. Witnessing a battle up in the Alliance Graveyard I approach. I target someone, let a bolt fly, and peg him. Kek. The party leader says let's get the flag. I move towards the base and find myself above the flag. No defenders. No party members. Why not? So I hop down, grab the flag, and head out. At the entrance I change to Ghostwolf form and start the run back. Where are the enemy?? I encounter nobody, I even have an escort. I run up into our base and look down at our flag. Present, and guarded. I hop down and cap it. Horde wins. Again. When it rains, it pours.

Maybe tonight I can break 1,000 kills before the weekly update.

As an aside, you might ask why my sudden interest in Battlegrounds? Since I'm not able to raid end-game anymore, what other venue do I have for loot upgrades? I'm wearing full Molten Core gear. Where do I go for upgrades?

Actually, I forgot about this, but I joined Requiem in their ZulGurub raid on Saturday. We didn't get very far in. We killed the Snake Boss, but with only one Priest taking on the Bat boss proved too tough. Anyway, the Snake Boss dropped the Seal of Zanjil. (Some caster ring, blue quality.) I asked if I could roll on it. (Since I'm Elemental now I can use some caster gear.) I was told, in vent, that it would be "bad form" for me to roll on any gear. This was for Requiem people to gear up. I was already geared up. I was being greedy. Sigh. Yes, I see the point. Apologies. But my trip to ZG got me 6g in repairs. And if I'm not going to be able to roll on anything I might be able to use... what would be the point in my going? A steady outflow in repair bills? I suppose the /greeded coin drops (I think I got one coin) could be sold and that would somewhat make up for the repairs. The Zandalarian Hero Charm? Now that would be nice. But... I'm going to get to go on a Hakkar kill? And be allowed to roll on the heart? No time soon.

So, I could raid ZG with lesser geared folks, helping them gear up towards Molten Core, for nothing personally and no gain, or do Battlegrounds, where I have little durability loss, I can earn a little cash looting corpses, and I'm earning rep towards some gear.

P.S. Cleared out my bank some by selling some of the herbs I'd stored up. (I needed the space to hold all my Enhancement gear. Not using it at the moment.) I think I put up for auction 10 or 12 stacks of 20 of various herbs. I'd let Auctioneer scan the market first and then just put the stuff up for sale at the recommended buy out cost. I made 60g. Sixty Gold!! (That's 2/3 of a basic mount. On some herbs!) Wow! That's just absolutely lucrative. So while Darkhoof was waiting for a BG to pop last night he headed out, in Ghostwolf form, and gathered herbs in Durotar and into the Barrens. I used to fish outside the entrance. Now I'm going to gather herbs. Might even set the hearthstone to someplace within easy flight of Orgrimmar but closer to the plantlife. (And one of the BG rewards is a set of boots with 15% faster run speed in Ghostwolf form. Woot!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alterac Valley.

To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing. My strategy, for Alterac Valley, has been to get invited into a group. Then I go find my party members. If they're out there somewhere, maybe they know what they're doing and I'll tag along to the win. Kind of like my Molten Core Strategy. ;) I hope one of them is a Warrior, i.e. Plate Armored Damage Dealer, and I can make sure I can keep them alive. But I'm slowly learning the locations and the things to do. (Armor collection, etc.)

I also look to find battles and then, from the outskirts of these battles, safe at 36 yards or so, I keep my side alive with some good healing, and, now more than ever, to some damage casting Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightnings.

I have got to say I love being an Elemental Shaman. Never really did the Elemental thing before now. I have gone with 30 points in Elemental, and 21 points in Restoration. Faster, stronger, efficient Lightning Bolts that can crit real well, is the ticket. Last night in Alterac Valley I was the top Shaman in terms of kills. I was in like the top 10, 5 maybe??, when the battleground closed with a Horde Wins! I have been in a winning Alterac Valley everytime I've played one through to the end.

I was originally thinking Enhancement was going to be a viable PvP build. 0/30/21 with all the weapon buffing abilities. But it just wasn't. Maybe out in World PvP, one on one, maybe. Probably not though. I had my Earthshaker, and some fairly nice PvP orientated gear. Bloodstained Hauberk out of Zul Gurub, some crafted Black Dragonscale Boots, Black Brood Pauldrons from Blackwing Lair, and some items from the Cenarian folks down in Silithus. Going into AB I wasn't really putting any beatdown on anyone with that. I could circle a clothie, keep them stilled with Frostshocks and Earthbind totem, and just hammer them. If I had time I might win the encounter.

But, wowza, new build, and I was really, really enjoying destroying Warriors, who were engaged elsewhere (heh heh) with someone else, destroying them with a couple 1000+ hits (on a 1.5s cooldown) with my new build. Especially if they were using a Sulfuras, the Hand of Ragnaros. "Legendary this, my friend." I love Alterac Valley, I love my build.

Arathi Basin is another story. I always seem to be in a pug against a very, very skilled Alliance AB Guild. Does the Horde ever get the Farm before the Alliance get the Stables?? I have an epic mount, carrot on a stick, mithril spurs, and if I ride flat out, first through the gates, to the Farm, I can capture it just after the Stables are captured, never before.

Last week in the internet cafe, and an Alterac Valley weekend, I managed 500-some kills and 48,000 honor. I also went from Rank 3 to Rank 4, Senior Sergeant. And I became Friendly with all 3 battleground factions.

Last night I managed 500-some kills in one Alterac Valley session alone. And some 7,000 honor. And I got Honored with the Frostwolf Clan.

I'm hooked, again, as ever, for now, and the forseeable future. ;)

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Wired. From in my freakin' house. Woot!

No more internet cafe. And after I get some of the furniture unpacked I can log on game from the comfort of home.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

Was playing some Battlegrounds last Saturday night.

Wasn't planning on doing much. Just wanted to get a little play time in. Hopped on the streetcar, headed into town. Yes, Germany may as well be 1906 when it comes to getting internet service at home through their cookoo clock making mentality. (Black Forest. Nobody makes an entire clock. Everyone only makes one certain part. The money maker is the one who alone gets to put it all together and sell it. Nobody is responsible, nobody really owns the final product. The clock works, but it's too expensive, and, it's 2006 now, so what?) Kabel BW: CAN I PLEASE HAVE INTERNET NOW? YOU HAVE NOT STOPPED ADVERTISING IT SINCE I'VE ORDERED. You can sell it, then provide it. Or, STFU, as we'd say in-game, and get the hell out of the business.

The connection there at the cafe is iffy, it's uncomfortably hot, but I figure I can 1) Sign up for Warsong Gulch there at the Outrider outpost in the Barrens, and then 2) ride into Elfland to go make some trouble.

I put on my spiffy melee gear and ride to Astranaar. Lucky for the locals, I didn't run into any of them. I cleared out the Silverwing Outpost, and then the tower by the Laughing Sisters. Then I reached Astranaar. I took out the two bridge guards on the east end. A mounted Alliance rides towards me. Level 59. He keeps riding. Then he pauses. Turns his horse towards me. I pull another guard and continue making short work on them. Now a Dwarf rides past. Level 60. He reaches his partner and both turn and ride on. I walk through Astranaar and slaughter all the guards. Wee. It's fun having epic gear. Before I reach Maestra's Post I'm called to Warsong Gulch.

I throw on a Lightning Shield. I ask for invites, AND SHOCKING SHOCKING! I get an invite. I didn't realize 60's did anything more than solo the BG's. Really nice. See, IT IS SO MUCH EASIER TO HEAL YOU WHEN I AM IN YOUR PARTY WITH YOU OR IN THE RAID WITH YOU. That's just for you tone deaf ones. Look: If you're not with me, I can't heal you.

I get /whispers asking if I'm going to keep playing. I don't know how much longer, but I have a goal: Friendly with the Warsong Outriders. !!! (I kid you not.) And I'm pretty close. Two guys from K N R chat with me. Two rogues, Evich and Eviloution. They're farming BG rep. I tell them I'm just glad to see that during my playtime hours (evenings Central European Time) my stateside server is active. And I need Rep too. They tell me anytime I want to join them I've got an invite. Cool.

I did a few more Warsong Gulches, and a couple Arathi Basins, and had a good time. And I reached Friendly with the Outriders. And I put my healing gear (8/8 Earthfury+ Staff of Dominance + +55 Healing enchant) to use, and my fighting gear. I am, in no way, burned out on WoW! Bring it on. Bring out your wounded. Bring on the enemy. ;)
In Italy this week.

In search of the elusive boar ham and parma cheese. Mages are great, for water and muffins, but things like that can only be found by gathering.