Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blackhoof's not an egotist. ... No, wait a sec. Nope. He is. :)+

It's been mentioned that I don't talk enough about the other people I play with. Oh, I don't know about that. I've mentioned Droonda/Itarilda, my wife. How she just got her Timberwolf mount. Even had the picture to show for that. Nachmahd my buddy. The only screenshots I could catch of him show an empty scene, no Tauren. What's up with that? He's probably out of range picking an herb somewhere. I'd call him a Pansy, in honor of his devotion to herbs and such, but he's about 2 feet taller than me and double my size. Don't mess with a Tauren or you'll get the horns. So Hippy and Flowerboy will have to do.

Soooo, without further adieu, let me tell you a little about our latest adventure.

We set off to kill us some pirate captains. You know the three Captains, moored off the beach to the east of Booty Bay.

We make our way out to the island. There's a mess load of warlocks to be cleared. I go after imps first, then the 'lock herself. I hate the fireballs. Nachmahd is beside me, damn Enhancement Shaman making me work to beat him in DPS, and Droonda is backing us up, yay for Restoration Shaman! It's easy to clear off the island.

Now we have two boat ramps. Up the left one we go. There's two or three at a time. Swashbucklers and Mages and some sort of Rogue slash Deckhand type. I so hate being gouged over and over. Hard for me to hold the aggro. Me being Msaker of course. (See it's not all about Blackhoof. ):p )

Hey, isn't that some nice emoticon for a Tauren?
):) = happy Tauren.
):( = sad Tauren.
): = ambivalent Tauren.

:][ = tusked Orc? (We don't smile)

Where was I? Ah yes. So we've stormed the first ship. We do pretty good. Droonda is pulling a little aggro, but nothing we can't handle. (Cheaper on the bullets that way.) We clear through to the Captain and kill him.


Next boat. Same procedure as last year. We clear down to the Fleet Admiral this time. Hey! This is easy. The 2nd and 3rd targets of our assassination quest done here.

The first on the list must be on the boat off to it's own. "This is going to be sooo easy" I think.

We swim over, clear the island. Mana regenned we storm the boat. Kind of a WTF moment arises when we are just surrounded by pirates. What's an adventurer to do? "Run" I say to my wife and I turn and leave the boat. "Run" I type in party chat. I keep moving out. "Run" I type again in party chat. I've got 4 or so on me. Droonda and Nachmahd's health bars are dipping. Mine is too. (Love the shield and plate armor.)

Two pirates swim after me and take me down to about 1/3 and then stop. They just stop in the water. This is like a guard spawn! That's NOT what was on the other ship. They spawned more and more just because we were there.

Well. That's just not fair.

Nachmahd anked, Droonda is rezzed, and I dance and wait. "I'll pull" I say and go up the ramp. Pow and I get two to follow. Maybe it's three. Well, this seems to be the toughest boat. There seems to always be more pirates than we see and expect. BUT we're two Shaman and a Warrior. You think we can be stopped? Nah. The 1st Captain is killed and we swim back. Job well done.

That concluded our adventures for the night and everyone logged. Everyone, that is, except that wished-he-was-an-Officer Blackhoof. But let's not talk about him again. :)

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Saylah said...

Haha. Great post and sounds like good times! I'm really going to work of findng myself a fixed group to quest with once I level out of my current BG bracket.