Thursday, September 13, 2007

Furniture arrives tomorrow.

But I've already landed at a new home for blogging that's a little more work friendly.

Future, and more posting, will be done at the Kinless' Chronicles someplace else.

P.S. Last Kara raid I landed Msaker the Eternium Greathelm and the King's Defender. Sweet.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Raiding, easy mode.

I remember way back when my guild on Smolderthorn first started running Molten Core. We weren't the first in MC, but we were there with the raiders. We were raiders. That guild moved up to be in the top 3 for progress on the server.

But those first times into MC, whoa. We had the advantage of some strategies that had been posted. So we knew things to do, what not to do. And we had decent gear. But, man, it was tough. Though giants and those dogs, and the imps, my god, the imps. Nevermind the bosses.

But, eventually, we'd gotten MC down to a one night affair, done in under 4 hours. Easy purples.

As of last night there is a new raider in my stable. Msaker. His first foray into Karazhan.

The rest had been there a few times now. Not all geared up. But there's a few purples, out of Karazhan, on the rest of them. And gear bought with badges out of the heroics.

Anyway, it's my first time, and I'm the off-tank. That means I tanked Midnight, double-tanked Moroes, and tanked Julianna from the Opera event. I think we had one wipe. Our raid makeup was 2 Warriors, 2 Shadow Priests, a Holy Priest, a Resto Shaman, a Holy Paladin, 2 Rogues, and a Warlock. So we had plenty of shackles, great healing, and good melee DPS. We stopped before the Maiden since they said that required ranged DPS and we had too little of that. No Mage or Hunter.

It was mostly a Rogue night with a lot of leather dropping. (Just like Molten Core!)

But, woot, what a blast. That was a lot of fun. And for my first time I'm certainly glad I got to go with capable and competent people.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Everything old made new again.

My little polls showing, so far, most folks that visit here and respond to polls, wished there was more 20-60 content. And more land to explore. And then some new classes, and interestingly *not* new races, to round out what my readers want.

(The top two were my two votes too.)

New lands. It's so hard to believe Blizzard will drop a new (Northrend) 1/3 of the land area of old Azeroth onto the world and make it 68-80 zones.

If any of you read about the greater Azeroth, there's lands still out there we can't visit, but do exist in the lore. Undermine and all the islands of the southern seas. Kul Tiras, Crestfall, the Maelstrom, Gilneas. There's lots of places to be added yet. And not all of them need to be level 90-100.

And why not change some of the old quests. Mix it up some. Take those old 20-60 quests, all those silly gathering and run here and there quests, and change them a bit. Make them new. And give the quest givers some new stuff to offer to do for them.

How about a whole "Prepare for Northrend" theme where folks level 20-70 get Azerothian quests that point towards Northrend and our interaction with it.

Well, work calls (and Blogspot is blocked at work) so that's it for now.

In other news before I go, Zug zug.

Msaker's been active, tanking Shattered Halls for the first time he'd ever been there, and only 3 deaths. Two on the boss who can't be taunted. He picked up the razor's edge helm, the style originally on the Tier 2 that Onyxia dropped. Finally a helm I don't mind showing the graphics on again. Lok'tar.

Blackhoof's been healing in the battlegrounds. I guess to build up honor for the day the Arena sets go on sale to the general public. Since I'm not an AFK cave camper the amount of honor I can earn a day isn't really that high. (AFKers earn 10-20 thousand honor a day. What's your honor income?)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'd apologize for the past we got, but the future could have been worse.

A guildie, two ex-guildies, one of their hunter guildies, and me. They aren't even in the same guild, these two ex-guildies, but we hooked up and went to Black Morass and got the quests done. A couple of us got our Master's Key. Msaker got his Legplates of the Bold off Aeonus, a dragon of the Infinite Dragonflight. Seemed he was somewhat finite after all. And that's 2 pieces of "the Bold" for him now.

The main healer was a Resto Shaman, and the Shadow Priest was kicking out healing as she did DPS, so we were never hurting. And Not a single loss. Nice. The guildie, a Rogue, did the damage. I tanked, naturally. And the Hunter handled the adds. Impressive.

Oh, yeah, I apologize for the future that came.

But, they say it's better than the future that didn't.