Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alterac Valley.

To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing. My strategy, for Alterac Valley, has been to get invited into a group. Then I go find my party members. If they're out there somewhere, maybe they know what they're doing and I'll tag along to the win. Kind of like my Molten Core Strategy. ;) I hope one of them is a Warrior, i.e. Plate Armored Damage Dealer, and I can make sure I can keep them alive. But I'm slowly learning the locations and the things to do. (Armor collection, etc.)

I also look to find battles and then, from the outskirts of these battles, safe at 36 yards or so, I keep my side alive with some good healing, and, now more than ever, to some damage casting Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightnings.

I have got to say I love being an Elemental Shaman. Never really did the Elemental thing before now. I have gone with 30 points in Elemental, and 21 points in Restoration. Faster, stronger, efficient Lightning Bolts that can crit real well, is the ticket. Last night in Alterac Valley I was the top Shaman in terms of kills. I was in like the top 10, 5 maybe??, when the battleground closed with a Horde Wins! I have been in a winning Alterac Valley everytime I've played one through to the end.

I was originally thinking Enhancement was going to be a viable PvP build. 0/30/21 with all the weapon buffing abilities. But it just wasn't. Maybe out in World PvP, one on one, maybe. Probably not though. I had my Earthshaker, and some fairly nice PvP orientated gear. Bloodstained Hauberk out of Zul Gurub, some crafted Black Dragonscale Boots, Black Brood Pauldrons from Blackwing Lair, and some items from the Cenarian folks down in Silithus. Going into AB I wasn't really putting any beatdown on anyone with that. I could circle a clothie, keep them stilled with Frostshocks and Earthbind totem, and just hammer them. If I had time I might win the encounter.

But, wowza, new build, and I was really, really enjoying destroying Warriors, who were engaged elsewhere (heh heh) with someone else, destroying them with a couple 1000+ hits (on a 1.5s cooldown) with my new build. Especially if they were using a Sulfuras, the Hand of Ragnaros. "Legendary this, my friend." I love Alterac Valley, I love my build.

Arathi Basin is another story. I always seem to be in a pug against a very, very skilled Alliance AB Guild. Does the Horde ever get the Farm before the Alliance get the Stables?? I have an epic mount, carrot on a stick, mithril spurs, and if I ride flat out, first through the gates, to the Farm, I can capture it just after the Stables are captured, never before.

Last week in the internet cafe, and an Alterac Valley weekend, I managed 500-some kills and 48,000 honor. I also went from Rank 3 to Rank 4, Senior Sergeant. And I became Friendly with all 3 battleground factions.

Last night I managed 500-some kills in one Alterac Valley session alone. And some 7,000 honor. And I got Honored with the Frostwolf Clan.

I'm hooked, again, as ever, for now, and the forseeable future. ;)

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