Tuesday, August 22, 2006

GG Blizzard. Ya went and broke World of Warcraft.

To whom it may concern,

You began extended maintenace two hours early today. And now you tell me it is scheduled to last two hours later as well? Due to issues? What the hell? Key rings and a Shaman nerf. Bam. You patched those in just fine last time. Yeah, I admit, Cross Realm Battlegrounds sure sounds like a technical feat. All that networking mumbo jumbo is meant for brains brighter than this Tauren's 25W bulb. Cross-Realm = Cross Server, no? Aren't you having server problems as it is? Sorry, but IMHO you should have fixed the server issues first. Experienced a few weeks of server happiness. Then patched cross-server stuff into the game. Servers broke? Check. Broken servers connecting to broken servers? Check, check. Hmm.

Anyway, hurry it up. I've got rank to check.

Yours truly,

Blackhoof of Kirin Tor

P.S. Love the game. Please fix it. KTHXBYE.

P.P.S. In way of apology you might, if you are so inclined, drop one of those Totems of the Storm in my bags while the server is still down. I don't have one of those yet. Sure would like one though. If you could arrange it I'd keep mum about it. Promise.

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