Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why do we fight? Why do our factions fight?

Do my actions in the battlegrounds effect anything or anyone except myself? No. I could get a rank that I have to fight to maintain. That's just a tag over my head that other people see. I could get my hands on the officer's gear of my faction (Horde or Alliance) if I get high enough rank, and I can get gear from the groups who we do battle for (Frostwolf Clan, Silverwing Sentinels, etc.).

Remember last year-end? The "Christmas" themed city decorations? I was thinking why not use that kind of "decorating" as a reward for a faction doing well?

Picture the NPC's walking around. Shoulders stooped. All of them dressed like Topper McNabb. Blue skies are gone, replaced with gray clouds. (No rain though. Just gray skies.) Take away the luster, add some general shabbiness and gloom. This place looks like it's hit the skids.

Over in Orgrimmar, the innkeeper and her patrons are wearing tuxedos. The stone floor in the bank and the auction house are replaced with marble. The open fires are contained in fire buckets. Things look a little bit neater. The vendors are buying stuff for a slight premium. There windriders fly a bit faster than the alliance's griffins, who've succumbed to a miasma of sorts.

Oh my! Has Stormwind City suffered a plague? An economic downturn? No. The Alliance side has not earned as much honor, relatively, as the horde side. (More Alliance population needs to get more Honor against a smaller Horde population.)

If we can string up Christmas lights, we can certainly make a place gloomier, or brighter, in response to how the faction has done in battlegrounds.

This would give folks an incentive to participate in the wars raging every day in the battlegrounds. (When they're working, of course.) Each side will want the pleasure of, and take pride in, getting their side the spiffy digs and improved earnings, and would love to see the other side living in greater squalor.

Now that's something worth fighting for. I want to see gnomes on skidrow, their persistent little smiles removed from their faces. With extreme prejudice. "Death Coil this, my preciousses." >;) Or living in splendour, whatever your poison. Whatever you are willing to fight for. Because it'll make a difference to everyone around you.

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You'll know your side has been CRUSHED when your beautiful cities look like Stratholme. Time to contribute.

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GodsOfLust said...

Not the sky too! That's just mean. :)

I'm not sure what the weight would be in terms of server load to support all the added toons (by way of children frolicking in the successful city's streets, or city servants distributing carts of siege rations and crowds of toons standing around hoping to avoid the draft in lowing cities), but this is the way of new games - I am sure of it. People want 'maliable worlds", places where you see the effects of your efforts. This is much cheaper than full or even partial physics systems, is a bit more controllable, and the best part is that all the 'process', all the evolutionary code-work, is done by the players.
I can't wait!