Thursday, August 24, 2006

I couldn't do that. Could you do that? Why can they do it? Who are those guys?

A line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when Butch wonders at the trackers following them.

The new Battlegrounds. An improvement? I don't know. But I can say there were like 19 Alterac Valleys happening (mid-afternoon EST) and rather than wait 2 hours for an AV match to pop, (or more), I couldn't walk away from the AV quest giver before the match started. At one point I had 12 honor marks in my bag because the matches were coming so quick I couldn't turn them in. It also meant I advanced from about 6k in honored to Exalted. In one night.

So, staying up way later than I should have, after I was done in Orgrimmar Blackhoof mounted up and rode post haste up to Alterac Valley itself. There was a quest to turn in (had I done something?! :) that would give me a weapon of sorts. :/ The Ice Barbed Spear is worth 7g when I sell it to a vendor. The one-handed mace I could use, *if* I needed a one-handed Mace with +Str on it. Which I don't. I haven't picked yet.

Then I went to see what was available to me for being exalted with the Frost Wolf folks. More weapon choices. A big blue axe. :/ (Stats aren't that good for me.) Ah, well. With Revered I'll actually pick up the Don Rodrigo's band, and Therazin's touch, perhaps. And the Lei of Lifegiving. I'll also pick up The Unstoppable Force and that Shield, for the times I respec back to Enhancement to spice things up. And then it'll be Arathi Basin matches.

And once Revered is reached with the Frostwolf Clan I'll head out and offer my services to the Defilers. While AV offers weapon choices, AB offers armor upgrades. They complement each other. By design!?

All in all, I was pleased last night with my ability to play Alterac Valley as much as I wanted.

One negative though. Previously playing against folks on my server, I knew a few of the people on my side, "Oh, look! A guildie!" and some on the other as well. "Not those punks. Not again!" Knew *of* them that is. Now each match is a collection of 40 strangers from across the servers. I keep looking at the list trying to find someone else on from Kirin Tor. Or find someone from my old guild over on Smolderthorn. (There are Battlegroups of servers? How's that determined??" I wonder if we'll make "friends" and "acquaintances" like the old days, heh, or is 6 Million players too large a pool to expect that?

Anyway, Blackhoof of Kirin Tor /salutes you.


E said...

The Battlegroups are determined by server cluster.

Also, when you look at the scoreboard names without a -{realm name} appended are from your server.

It is strange though going from "Hey I know of those people" to "Oh look, someone from my server, neat."

Kinless said...

I'll probably first begin recognizing guilds, then probably a few names here and there. Leaders who actually lead, and lead us to victories, I'll no doubt remember.

Anonymous said...

The reward for exalted for cloth wearers is Don Rodrigo's Band

some say


others say

Its not funny anymore