Sunday, August 27, 2006

Road Trip!

Really enjoying playing the tank. Msaker, the name, means Carnivore in Armenian. Ashot Msaker was a king of theirs way back. Anyway, looking at it, doesn't it look like Massacre? Kewl.

Spent a bit of time in the Arathi Highlands and up in the Alterac Ruins. We're hunting elite Ogres. (When we can kill a Mauler in edgewise between the two level 49 Hunters, One a Troll, one a Night Elf, tiger and boar for pets, named Cat and Boar. They ran circuits, and the were running the identical pattern hours later when we returned. Bots? I'm 100% sure of it.

Then we do a run up into the Hinterlands. After we'd insulted the Witherbark Trolls long enough, collecting their skulls and making a village decoration out of them, (Probably a well known fact: not every troll has a skull. Yeah, mon!) I called a Road Trip. We'd run to Reventusk Village on the coast. Before we entered the village we killed a few turtles. I, level 46, and Droonda, level 39, and our friend Nachmahd, level 48, enjoyed the run.

Later Msaker and Droonda returned to Grom'Gol. The easy way.


Saylah said...

Sounds like good times. I really wish that my MMORPG friends and I hadn't been split when we first started WOW. Coordinating a union after so many months has found us a crossroads in current gaming preferences and desires, proving too difficult to overcome now.

Must be really nice to have a set group to play with. The next man in my life MUST play MMOs or he doesn't have a prayer. :-)

Kinless said...

I got very lucky in finding my Kathleen. Cute, and a gamer too. No wonder I married her. (If I can only get her to stop pulling aggro off me! "Fireshock or Frostshock, but not Earthshock, my dear. Puh-lease?" :) )

Relmstein said...

Finding a significant other who is also a gamer is a must nowadays. Last girl I dated referred to every video game as pokemon.