Saturday, December 17, 2005

Friday night? Three bosses down in Molten Core.

Darkhoof's guild managed a nice run into the Molten Core on Friday night.

Things went so smooth. Well, they started out that way.

A reindeer train rode across the Burning Steppes to the entrance of Blackrock Spire. No Alliance scum were camping the entrance and we easily made our way into Molten Core.

We managed to down three bosses this night. Three wipes, and three bosses.

The first wipe came as we were squaring off against Lucifron. Someone stood too close to the cave at the entrance and next thing we know, as discussion of the tactics was underway, we're surrounded by Fire Imps. Lucifron went down after we'd recovered from that.

During this battle one of our Priests disconnected. We continued on, taking out the five Core Hound Packs guarding Magmadar. And as we stood before Magmadar the Priest returned. With the original Core Hound Pack hot on her heels. We wiped. Then we wiped the floor with Magmadar.

We stripped, ran for the exit, and then ran back from the cemetery at Thorium Point as naked ghosts. Resurrecting at the entrance again we made our plans to get the next boss, Gehennes.

We cleared the path like pros. Our timers informed us of returning mobs and we dealt with them handily. Squared off against Lucifron we attacked! And we quickly had Lucifron cruising through our ranks. There were horns everywhere. One of the shamans ankhed and we were quickly back in business. "Uh hum. We're better than this." And we took Gehennas down the second time with few casualties.

The only Shaman loot that was to drop came from Magmadar and that was a pair of Earthfury Boots. The Mother Cow was not smiling on Darkhoof this night and he did not win them. Next time though.

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