Monday, December 12, 2005

Onyxia Keyed. Almost.

Darkhoof ventured about Azeroth last night in his quest to become keyed for Onyxia.

It all started a few weeks ago. (Weeks? Is it possibly months? Maybe.) His guild was raiding Upper Blackrock Spire, and Lower, and so why not do the quests in addition to going for the set pieces of his Elemental armor?

Well, it's not that easy. The quest chain to get keyed for Onyxia starts with the Warlord's Command in Kargath. And that involves a 5-man group heading in, not a raid, and killing 3 bosses, Omokk, Voone, and Wyrmthalak, and recoving some secret documents in Lower Blackrock Spire.

In addition to advancing the quest chain, some gems might also drop that are used to get the key for Upperblack Rock Spire (UBRS). Darkhoof was very fortunate in that the gems dropped very easily for him and I've already told the tale of how he got his UBRS key.

Anyway, the Warlord's Command continued. Darkhoof and his party killed the bosses, got the documents, and returned to Kargath. Goretooth, the quest giver, sent Darkhoof to Thrall, in Orgrimmar, and Thrall sent him back out to UBRS to kill Rend Blackhand. (I've mentioned Rend before.) With Rend's head in his bags, he returned to Orgrimmar. Thrall is never slow with the praise and congratulated Darkhoof and then provided the citizens of Orgrimmar a nice little buff. Thrall then sent him out to speak with Rexxar in Desolace. Rexxar is the Half Orc that wanders the roads there.

Rexxar is just as bossy as any quest giver. Heedless of Darkhoof's efforts so far he instead keeps the pressure on, sending him to speak with an undead Gnome hag in Western Plaguelands. And, true to form, Myranda the Hag sent him back into UBRS, this time to collect Dragonkin eyes. Twenty of them. When Darkhoof did this part he was the only one collecting eyes and it was very easy to collect them all in one run. With the eyes in tow he returned to Myranda and she gave him the disguise with which to go see Emberstrife in Dustwallow Marsh. (And I've already mentioned the disguise and how Darkhoof used it.)

Anyway, speaking with Emberstrife as a member of his Dragonkin crew Darkhoof was given the task to kill 3 Dragons not on Emberstrife's Christmas Card list this year: Chronalis, Somnus, and Scryer.

When Darkhoof awoke in Orgrimmar he sent out a call in the guild channel: "Anyone up for collecting Dragon Heads for Emberstrife." Guild theme of the week was already: "Everyone get themselves keyed for Onyxia." Cool.

Scryer was the first Dragon our deadly little crew attempted. He is the leader of the Blue Dragonflight. We found him in his cave in Winterspring. He was easy enough to reach and we had a little help because his kind can drop a valuable scale used in crafting some good mail armor gear and a Warrior and Shaman accompanied our 5-man party. He went down easily. One head had been acquired.

One of the group had spoken with a small Dragon in UBRS named Awbee, and she'd sent him here, to the cave. Teleporting to the roof of the cave, and speaking with an enigmatic Blood Elf found there, our friend was punched across the world. Ouch. "Hope the water loads quick for you. Nothing worse than smashing into a muddy lake bottom, and THEN having the water appear that might have cushioned the fall.)

Chronalis was next. He is the leader of the Chromatic Dragonflight. These dragons guard the Caverns of Time. This Dragon was easier to reach because he had fewer guards. He did have a HUGE Dragon on his 6, but that Dragon remained disengaged while we slew Chronalis and took his head.

We then hopped up on the rocks around the Cavern/Temple. I peaked in, expecting to see stars or such, but instead just saw the group standing out front. It seems the Gods have removed the Caverns of Time for the time being.

Let me describe our adventuring group. It was me Darkhoof, a Tauren Shaman as you well know. Ona, an Orc Shaman who wears Beaststalker Pauldrons. Lexia, an Undead Mage, and owner of some 60 different pets. Murky being the latest and downright cool. Hsiri, an Undead Rogue, who won't stop until he gets a 5,000 crit. Carlspackler, a Tauren Warrior, bearer of the Halbeard of Smiting. Helping us out were Bezalbub, an Orc Warrior in full Valor, and Hammystyle, another Tauren Shaman, fully in Elements and already 4 pieces of Earthfury.

Each Dragon went down with our first attack on them. This was rather easy. I expect Onyxia won't be though.

Anyway, the last Dragon was Somnus, a Dragon in the Green Dragonflight. He's found in the Swamp of Sorrows surrounded by his Dragonkin protectors. You may have run across him before. He has a habit of appearing from behind and one-shotting you when you are out alone questing in the Swamp. Regardless we quickly exacted revenge for all the one-shotted and took his head too.

Lexia and I returned to Emberstrife and I turned in the heads. With that accomplishment Emberstrife sent me out one more time. This time to slay Axtrox of the Red Dragonflight. He (She? Who's going to check?) is found in Grim Batol, in the Wetlands. We rode out from Hammerfall and found him quickly. We spent a little time with him, and collecting his head, continued a little bit more and collected red dragonscales from his guards.

With the last dragon head in my bag I returned to, a final time I hope, to Emberstrife. There I got a medal and the command to go see General Drakkasith and discuss this with him. Seems I'd impressed old Emberstife with my willingness to kill other Dragons.

But, yeah, you're right. Dragons can lie and Rexxar in Desolace set Darkhoof straight.

Darkhoof will have to return to General Drakkisath alright, but to kill him and draw his blood. But that's for another night.

Darkhoof spent about 3 hours in Azeroth getting the Dragon Heads quests done and then retired for the night.

Tonight: UBRS.

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