Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cautionary Tale.

There is a funny story associated with my new header graphic. It's sunset in Azshara as taken from Lord Hydraxis' island.

I'd gone out to the Island in search of the Lord in order to conclude the last of my current business with the Hydraxian Waterlords. This involved turning in the hands of several of the Fire Lords found in the Molten Core. Lucifron, Gehennas, Shazzrah, and Sulfuron. Following our successful guild run last week I'd gotten all four hands. So I made the long run out to the island. Lacking the necessary fish oil to run across the wave tops I instead swam, equipping my Hydrocane (gotten so many levels ago in Gnomeregan) to enable water breathing.

Turning in the hands the Lord told me my reward was to be found in below the waves to the south of the island. I jumped in from the height and there it was. A large stone box. I opened it and claimed my Tidal Loop Ring. Not the greatest of rings but with the Fire Resistance a welcome addition to my inventory.

I returned to the top of the island and remarked how beautiful the scene was with the sun setting behind the Elven ruins. And so it occured to me to pose a few shots so I could use one of them for the header here. I turned off my interface and danced a little, rotated a little, jumped, preened, etc., and took several shots. The fun ended when I found myself turned into a sheep.

By the time you've been sheeped you can count on losing more than half you health in the next few moments.

Again, in no mood to play with a Gnome Mage, I moved into the water where I died. I watched the mage swim back to the island. Now, here was my 2nd downfall: I saw a second set of legs kicking in the water above. But they were moving TOWARDS the island. I waited for a bit and ankhed. I was immediately gouged and killed by a stealthed Night Elf Rogue. Sigh. Sneaky snakes. All gnomes and enemy rogues must die.

I'd gotten the water to douse the fires in the Molten Core, used in summoning the Majordomo, and I simply took the Spirit Healers offer and hearthed back to Kargath.

The guild was gathered to enter Molten Core again. The timers reset all the usual mobs were there. It's becoming, happily, routine, and we moved to Lucifron and Magmadar finishing the hound, and the raid for the night, in record time. Our plan is to run the first two bosses on a weeknight, and Friday night is the big push into the Core, and Saturday see how much further we get. (Last Saturday we stood at last before the Majordomo.)

On this run a pair of Salamander Scale Pants dropped. Leather, with +Int, +Sta, and most important for me, +51 healing and 9 mana regen/5 s.

I want my Earthfury Set of course. Magmadar drops the Earthfury Leggards but he didn't this time. And when would he? (I've been on numerous Baron runs and never once saw the Elements leggings drop.) And when they asked for bids on this none of the Druids wanted it. They were going to disenchant it?? They kept saying "Oh, those are Druid pants." One Druid was being played by his brother and I guess he wasn't sure of his brothers plans for the character. The other was feral specc'd for BG goodness and wasn't interested. I had over 400 dkp and these were only about 100 so I thought, why not? (I'd already lost the roll for a pair of Earthfury Gauntlets that run.)

And if you look at the stats, the pants have less stamina and intellect, certainly much less armor, but they have the Molten Core Friendly Fire Resist bonus (the Earthfury has Shadow Resist??), and they have +51 Healing vs. the leggards +12 spells and healing, and 9mana/5s vs. 6.

So, I could afford it DKP wise, I'll certainly use it (#1 in healing on every Molten Core run I've ever been on), and putting them on with the rest of my fire resist gear and I'm at "Fair" when it comes to fire resistance, before I drop a Fire Resist Totem or get Mark of the Wild. Not shabby.

Back to my earlier admonition: If you're posing for photographs have some friends watch your back.

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