Friday, May 5, 2006

Good lord, what's gotten into the wife?

I get my usual afternoon call from her yesterday. Against her better judgement she's made another character. An Orc Warrior she's named Kruel. He's already level 6 or so when we speak. By the time I get home she's already done the level 10 Warrior quest. And when I go help the guild get Thunderfury : Blessed Blade of the Windseeker for a guildmate she goes to Warsong Gulch! (Yowza!)

We get the Thunderfury sword easily enough. Thunderan is certainly no Ragnaros. We expected far worse. One of the easier fights in Silithus is you ask me.

And my wife plays her 2nd WSG without me.

A week or so ago we did a guild thing in the 20-29 WSG level. She with her 25 Druid, me on my 28 Druid. Reaction to the first moment: UTTER CHAOS! I tell her it takes some getting used to. 2nd match and she's gleefully clawing clothies. And dying, but also getting her HK's.

Last night, as a level 10 Orc Warrior, she joins WSG. She was having good fun in the middle ground. I suggested to her at 10 she'd do best just hamstringing as many as she can.

Her 3rd match, to get the 3rd token, I join her with my level 10 Priest, Mortiangelo.

I have noticed: When I play Alliance, the Horde dominate with good tactics, twinks, and Shamans. When I play Horde, the Alliance dominate with tactics and twinks.

So, we go to the middle ground and I'm doing my best to Shadow Word: Pain and bubble her and other Warriors.

Then comes the comment from the peanut gallery. "You should be 16 to be in WSG." Amused, I reply "I'm older than 16. No worries." "Lvl 16 noob." :) I love it. Before I can respond someone else jumps in. "Shut up and let them play." Hey, thanks man. I don't remember your name, but thanks. I add "WSG is 10-19, no?" That's ignored.

So, Ginsing of Kirin Tor, here's what I'd like to tell you. "Ginsing, STFU." There. That's about it. Oh, yeah, you're on my /ignore list.

Yeah, we could be 16. And the wife is already level 12 now! Woot! And this time around, we've done so many alts, she wants to grind out the levels. She doesn't want to leave Mortiangelo too far behind, he's 11 now, so I suggested she get her 30 Mage caught up to my 33 Warrior. I e-mailed her a Mage Guide to Grinding.

And, Ginsing, my Night Elf 18 Hunter is making a macro to "/target Ginsing". Hope to see you online, in the Gulch, where you go down.


Anonymous said...

Here is something else to help your wife get some gold for her new character.

Ok, this is what I have been doing to make consistent gold on the auction house. I made over 30 gold today. It will probably not last long once the word gets out.

In Arathi Highlands there is a location called Stromgarde Keep (if you use cosmosui the coords are : 26,58). Now, this area is half controlled by the alliance and half controlled by reds that attack on sight. But if you are careful you can avoid the reds. The entire arathi highlands zone is level 30-35 mobs but the keep is level 35+ elite mobs so you want to avoid fighting if you can.

Anyway, to make it simple to keep going back here, I go to Refuge Pointe at 45,47 on the map.There is a griffon guy there. This point hooks up directly to the griffon master in IronForge where the AH is. So after getting the griffon point established I can fly from Ironforge to refuge pointe and back again.

Now, like I said there is level 30+ mobs in this zone, but the nice thing is, there is a patrol that moves along the road that heads south from refuge pointe and follows the road all the way to Stromgarde Keep. So the road is usually cleared of reds for you. Just keep an eye out for them . If you are over level 30 though, you can probably handle it on your own.
So, you basically want to take the road south out of refuge pointe and once you hit the road where you can go east or west you want to go west. Follow that road until you get to a road between two lakes. That is Stromgarde Keep. (you should see it on your map now.) You take that road into Stromgarde Keep.

***This is the tricky part. People might be fighting the reds in here, so just watch out for their battles. When you first enter the Keep, you are in a courtyard. Hug the wall that is on your right hand side (the west wall), that is the Alliance side of the keep. Now, the very first right that you can make once you enter the courtyard, you take that... you will know you are in the right spot because you will see a bunch of green guards. Basically now, you want to take the road all the way back and then to the right, and follow the walls. Eventually you will see an opening in the wall with a walkway over the entrance you originally came in. Take that walkway(bridge) over to the other side, It will still be green. Now once you are across, hang a right and another right.
You are looking for the NPC vendor named Deneb Walker.
Hope you brought some money with you. Anyway, he is the vendor that sells the Expert first aid book. Thats fine and dandy and all... I mean it costs a gold piece. But you can sell it on the auction house for at least 1.5 gp and often 2 gp. But I didn't send you all the way here for that stupid book. No, you are here to buy the two other books he sells. The one that only costs you 22 sp and 50 sp. The manual for mageweave bandage and the manual for the heavy silk bandage. Now remember that 22sp and 50 sp you just spent. Well, those books sell on my auction house for ********* 1.9-2.2gp EACH ************* YOU HEARD ME!!!! EACH. I have put up 5 of each book today for 1.9 buyout that I paid 22 sp and 50 sp for. I sold each one of them. (in fact, the heavy silk ones sell better and they are only 22 sp each) I also bought 5 books for the first aid for a gp each, and sold them for 1.9 gp. After all those sold, I went back and bought even more. These things are selling. Now, I don't know what they are selling for on your server, but just take a look on the auction house for the books (under the name field you can enter MANUAL and click on RECIPE and then click SEARCH. See what your auction price is for these items) This is a gold mine.

Because first aid is one of those skills that every single character can have because it is a secondary skill, every one buys these things.

Or if she gets tired of doing this she could just buy WOW Gold

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