Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Two Toons and Counting.

Last night I journeyed back into Heidelberg town. I heard of a new internet cafe, this one a little closer to Bismarkplatz and the streetcar stop. This was a little more upscale too, with marble floors, multiple levels, lots of computers, and two, count 'em, two spots for people to plug notebooks in. Yay! I got one of those spots.

When I got there Hans and Frieda were smoking on the computer to the right of me, and Fritz and Inge on the other computer to the left of me. If you're a sophisticated, educated, computer-literate German, or European for that matter, odds are you are blowing cigarette smoke all over your monitor and keyboard. Probably have a "handy" glued to your ear as well, and you are talking to yourself like some mad person. Ah, the nicotine tar scum that must build up on your computer. (Except computers you can replace, your lungs you can't.)

But I digress!

Darkhand has now joined the clan over on Kirin Tor. I got him up and running and sent a /tell to the guildmaster of my Kirin Tor Alliance guild. "/ginvite please." So with that Darkhand came out of a year's retirement.

Arcarius logged on and sent the same /tell and got invited as well. My first character, alive again! Naturally I respecced my pet and taught him Prowl, Dash, Claw, and Growl, and then rode over to the Battlegrounds guy to sign up. I logged before either Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basic kicked off. BUT I look forward to playing there. Get Sergeant rank or such to demonstrate "For the Alliance!"

(Best wishes, Bero, if you're reading this, with the newcomer to your own family.)

But then came a bit of a glitch. Back to the character transfer pages. I wanted to give my wife a character. I created and pay for both accounts, and so I figured "Naturally." Except Blizzard figures "Not the same surname, obviously an Ebay transaction. No way in hell." She wasn't my wife at the time I created that account and I saw no reason not to name the account with her names, first and last. But she is my wife now. And my credit card has been paying both accounts since day one. I wrote Blizzard a message and let's see how that goes.

I figure $25 is about an hour or so's worth of salary. So a level 19 Hunter, with some pretty decent gear, is easily worth the $25 cost of transfer to me. Because it took a couple of hours to get to 19. I'm only wanting to give my wife the 19 Hunter because the character transfers allowed me to rezz my 48 Hunter back to life. Please Blizzard? Make us happy? <--- Shameless plea, yes. :)

P.S. Arcarius is Kinless' new name. So Kinless becomes simply me, the puppet master. Aka Robert, your humble correspondent. Tschuss, bis spaeter.


Liber said...

Ah your wifw plays WOW I hope you have 2 computers! Mine can't stand things like WOW and so get to keep it all to myself...

Am not planning to make any transfers as the realm i'm on,Runetotem, is just so nice. Good luck with the new guilds.

PS my blog is also a WOW blog.

Kinless said...

Yeah, I think I'm pretty lucky in that my wife will play too. Yep, two computers and no need for ventrillo at home. And, most important, she "Get's it." She understands the late nights, the raiding, the grind.

Runetotem? Wife and I made a troll couple there once. Gumbo and Jambalaya. BUT they met the delete axe because we'd gotten too many characters over too many different servers.

Cool, another blog to visit. I'll check it out.

Liber said...

Am lucky in that respect my too. My wife doesn't get to upset with the time I am WOWing it and it's good to have a little nudge back into reality every now & then!

Ric said...

I try to check for your Horde characters when I'm on Kirin Tor, but haven't been on at the right times, just to say "Hello" since I've been reading your blog and your comments on Mystic Worlds, too.

I retired at the same Army post where you worked before heading over to Germany -- though I came back to work there as a civilian a couple years later -- and live in the Augusta area, of course. Not quite as neat as discovering that the EQLive guild invite from some random dude was sent from a computer just up the road in North Augusta, but still definitely from the "It's A Small World" category.

Kinless said...

What a small world. A co-worker lived up there in North Augusta. Murphytown and McDonald's Fish Camp. A co-worker who worked with me in Turkey, he lives up that a way too.

D&Ders. I remember those days. The paper and character rolling, and the booklets with map and adventures in them. I always liked the ones with a little bit of technology in them. Probably explains why, on Kirin Tor, I have 4 Night Elves, one of them a Gnomish Engineer, and when I can create one, a Draenei. On Smolderthorn I named my Orc Warrior "Oddity" since Orcs are from outerspace too.

Sure, drop me a /tell if you catch me on.

(Hatrack River Workshop. I heard about that project a looong time ago. Nice to see it's still active.)

Anonymous said...

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