Friday, September 22, 2006

Ice Barbed Spear just for showing up, thank you.

No. Thank YOU, Frostwolf Clan. Thank you thank you thank you.

So, wrapping up a little mage quest with Zauberin in the Arathi Highlands, Msaker urged Zauberin to take a break and let his sweetie, Droonda, come out to play.

Nachmahd was waiting for us in Reventusk Village in The Hinterlands. Our mission here? Embarrass the Wildhammer Clan one more time. To send a final message to the Dorfs of Wildhammer.

We took up a cook in Reventusk's, Otho Moji'ko by name, first mission a few days ago. Slay elves. Slay a lot of elves. Slay them all. Break their bones. That was going to send a message, alright. That message being: "Don't mess with Orcs." We cruised through that little lodge like grifters at a Shriner convention. We rescued some troll, escorted him to safety, and wouldn't you know it, before we'd even made it back inside the lodge there he was again. Back in the cage. (Trolls. Hmph. These guys had empires once?!) Wasn't going to rescue him a second time.

Killing a few hundred elves, we wrapped up this little job. Going back we got the second mission. Kill the Gryphons and collect their feathers. But Gryphons are rare and don't seem to have feathers. "Troll Dude. They're lions. With eagle heads, but still, for the most part, MAMMAL." Orcs are smart. We do more than smash and grab shiny stuff. We went to Feralas and killed Frayfeather Hippogriffs. I know, I know. "Orc Dude. Moron. Hippogriffs are part horse and, like you said, MAMMALS." AH HA HA HA. I'll have the last laugh. We quickly collected the needed feathers off the Hippogriffs. Otho the Troll will never know the difference. And he didn't. (And we finished another quest to collect the spirits of Wandering Forest Wandering Tree Things at the same time. Orcs are smart!)

So, we bring Otho his feathers. "Oh, yeah, we sent a message alright. (kee kee) That would be Orcs aren't dumb. ... And never you mind. They're respawns."

And now he wants a final message sent. He wants us to take this spear and plant it in the Dorf village, at their well. Blood covered, wrapped in gryphon feathers, this spear certainly was a message alright! And I had a message of my own. That being: "Dorfs! (My pardon.) Dudes! The troll's are seriously nuts. Are you sure you don't wish to reconsider your previous objections to Orcish suzerainty over your dominions? Are you sure?"

No. They weren't having anything of it. The guard I approached at the well wasn't taking kindly to my approach. I felt a little like the new sheriff coming to Rockridge. All I wanted was a laurel, and a hearty handshake, but no, nooooo, they had to come out fighting. Ooh. Like he's all bad, this little dorf. Come to attack me Mr. Dorf? Come to be all bad and all that? Not today. Not now, not ever. Droonda, Nachmahd, and Msaker beat that Dorf silly. Knocked all the ugly out of him, and then his stuffing. Got a little silver and some wool off him too. Like a rag doll, no? Spears planted, we were done.

Nachmahd takes a side quest to rescue a chicken. I'd done it last time. (Not bad plate boots for the reward.) Droonda had taken the quest but she missed the completion and abandoned it. I figured we'd need to wait for another beacon to drop. But when Nachmahd activated the chicken she was asked if she wanted to take part, she did, and so they were both on the quest. Yay. Gotta save chickens. It went so easy. Just walked it to the beach and they were done.

But, that's not all. We returned to Feralas. This time we were sent to get the spirits of elite Mountain Giants. Level 49+ elites. We were level 46, 51, and 52. Tank + off tank + healer. No worries! We worked off Droonda's giants first since she was getting tired. (I guess not all Orcs are envigorated by slaughter.) Droonda departed and it was just Nachmahd and I. I'll tank, you support. Pull a Giant. EARTHSHOCK. "Let me get aggro." Defensive stance can do much and I managed to pull most of the damage taken onto me. Where it belongs. "Save your mana for healing." We were actually at the point, dumb positioning, where we had two giants and a bear. This is just two of us mind you. Woot. We come out of it hurt, but alive. Good healing. Good tanking I hope. That double trouble happened a few times. We finished the quest pretty quickly too. Back to Camp Mojache. The quest reward? A two-handed axe faster, more DPS, same stats, as the Whirlwind Axe I got at level 30. 20 levels later I get a free upgrade to that axe. Axe proficiency is good. I'll need it for my Arcanite Reaper.

So. Two quests out of the way tonight. It's late. What's left to do? I suggest to Nachmahd that we go to Tarren Mill and ride up to the entrance to Alterac Valley and get the quests there. In anticipation of going in this weekend. AV weekend, yeah baby! I collect like 5 quests, he gets 3 but his quest log is full. Standing there in the tunnel, pretty close to the instance entrance, he asks "Shall we?" He's up kind of late for him. I'm used to it. "Sure." We enter. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the quick BG pops for horde in my Battlegroup. And there we are. I give him a few words of advice. "Follow the crowd." That's how I started out. I'm level 51. Happily nobody commented on that. "Why'd you join noob. Get some levels and then come back." No. Nobody said anything. THANKS! That's cool. So we ride out and head north. Of course. I play some at the Stonehearth graveyard. I manage to get some killing blows in too. What the hell? Me and my Vanquisher/Sword of Omen dual wield and I'm getting killing blows in on level 60's? Execute for the win! I die a few times. But, odd, I don't die nearly as much as Blackhoof does. The Druids take me out twice, but later, not until I was helping assault the Stormpike graveyard, I was pretty happy just wandering around alive and happy. Did a few armor scraps turn-ins. (5000 xp or so for the first turn-in. Nice. Next time I'll catch the blood turn in too.) Nachmahd logged about a half hour later.

(I'll give Nachmahd the formal tour of Frostwolf next time. Show him where to turn in armor scraps and blood. Where to tame dogs for that quest. And we'll go to that mine and get the Frostwolf banner back. It's easy if you've been there before. I'm thinking my Night Elf Hunter will have the same thing to do. Learn where stuff is, how to move around the map and all. Will be fun. Ice Barbed Spear!)

I kept on though, night owl that I am. And, you know what, we won. Here was a first clue that someone was thinking. As we'd set out someone suggested that ten hold at Galvanger's for a bit. They held it for a good long time too. Lately, if Horde wins, it's when someone's defended at Galvanger's for a while. Take note.

Mulverick and Jetzor were up in the air. I've never noticed that. And we tried to summon Lokholar, I followed the Shamans out to the summoning circle (those cows are TOUGH!), took part in the summoning, least a low level character can contribute, but it appeared bugged. No Lokholar today.

Someone mentioned Balinda's so I rode down. I got to take part in her killing. Little ol' Msaker. /waves.

And then I concentrated up north. We took the Stormpike Graveyard and I didn't even notice the north and south bunkers get taken. Next I see we're taking the Stormpike Aid Station. Yay for us. So I'm doing my part at the flag. Trying to intercept and hamstring reinforcements going in to Vann. And we're fighting Marshals and we're holding the Aid Station, and then WHAM the score screen comes up. WTF? Oh noes. I'm stunned. Already? I actually scroll back the chat log to see who won. Horde wins! Alright!

I come out of the BG in the tunnel. I turn in the one quest that I completed there in the tunnel. I went in turned in my 3 Honor Marks (should have saved them for the weekend perhaps). And then I spoke to the guy who wanted Vann dead. We'd done it and he was ready to reward me. With an Ice Barbed Spear. ZOMG. I'm level 51. Some add-on tells me it's item level 63. Woot.

Ice. Barbed. Spear.

Anyway, that was my night. Msaker's been having himself some fun.

/signing off.

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