Thursday, September 28, 2006

We played, hands down, the worst Alliance PUG I've ever ran across.

The stars must have been aligned right but last night Msaker went against the worst Alliance team he'd ever seen in Alterac Valley. It just wasn't right.

The game started normally enough. Most raced north. I noticed a few turning off to go defend Galv. Stonehearth is taken by us. Snowfall by them.

And then it went all wrong, and all right at the same time.

At Stonehearth there was a good bit of fighting going on. "Good grief," I thought. "This is where they stymie us." I figure we'd be banging our head against them here while they stole the Frostwolf Relief Hut and killed Drekk. I did manage to collect a lot of armor scraps before I went down. I rezzed at Iceblood and participated in a little of the fighting outside of Galv's place. More armor scraps and I was killed again. Not before holding my own staying above the half way mark on the score card. I rezzed and this time recalled back to Frostwolf to turn in the armor scraps I'd collected. My turn in managed to turn our guards into Veterans. Cool. The Primalist was gone though so I held onto the blood. Hmm. Lok wasn't being summoned (and he never was). There was one Paladin riding around near Drekk's keep. Seems he was trying to singlehandedly take out the archers. I found him up in a room by himself at the top of the tower healing himself. Level 60 to my 53. So I attack and just follow him around annoying him. Eventually I hear is death groans. (Same pluckiness manages to find the Alliance capturing all the mines.)

No matter! Back into the breach my friends! I rode north and noticed the countryside was pretty peaceful. Iceblood was still ours. And someone was saying in the raid chat "Let them have Snowfall." Sure. That's how it always goes. Galv is safe. Then I notice Snowfall is being captured. By us. Hmmm. I understand the need for a "release valve" for alliance dead. Funnel them safely past our offense so we can just get to killing the General. And they ours. May the fastest team win. But, no, one of ours was capturing Snowfall. And the raid chat was brutal! "Noobs." "WTF AER U DOING? YOU SUX!" I guess capturing every graveyard in the place was bad. Hmm. So the Alliance were going to turtle and this was going to be a longer fight.

I ride towards Stonehearth and check my map. The entire map is ours and we have people strung out from Frostwolf keep to Stormpike. :/ What's wrong with this picture??? Balinda is being attacked and I ride down and join in. (Being a warrior is kind of nice. Just dish out the pain and hope for the heals.) She goes down easily. Aw.

And at last I complete the trip up to Stormpike. It's a long fight it seems to capture the graveyard. All the alliance appear to be there. But we do capture it. And the "Battle for the Bridge" rages for a while too. BUT BUT here is where it's different. We've taken both of their bunkers! They're burning and we're still fighting on the bridge against a heavy defense force. I collect enough scraps and recall back to Frostwolf. Turning in the scraps I get to upgrade our guards to Champions. And I ride north again.

The battle around Stormpike graveyard continues. It's a regular furball at one point with as many alliance gathered in our, OURS DAMNIT, graveyard as we are. Five times I died and as a ghost targeted an Alliance character that I charged upon ressurection. And in the flurry of activity out at the graveyard we're manging to capture the Aid Station.

We're still fighting around the Stormpike graveyard when the win screen pops up. Huh? I scroll up and see Horde wins! How about that. I did not expect that! Amidst the alliance army we still manage to win. Why can't we do that more often? In a race, Alliance win. In a fight, maybe Horde win.