Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blackrock Depths.

The header graphic is appropriate. Last night we entered Blackrock Depths with a handful of quests in hand. Droonda, Msaker, Nachmahd, Senthris, and Azghul. All of Dark Ministry.

We did well. We wandered around a bit at the cells. Releasing prisoners but not knowing why or for what purpose. We got ourselves a Shadowforge key to the place. We killed a big giant reminiscent of a Fire Lord in Molten Core. Bael'Grum or something like that. Regardless of how the giant spells his name, he's dead now, and we've gotten his essence.

Instancing at 60 ... No more xp. At least in the Battlegrounds I can still progress. (If you can say having your clocks cleaned, over and over, by the Alliance, is progress.)

I must say, I played absolutely the worst Alterac Valley battle last night ever. The Alliance took, and defended Stonehearth Graveyard. And you know Alliance. They can defend a place with 3 to 5 that the entire Horde army can't retake. Because that's what happened. The Alliance captured every last thing in the game to capture... The tunnel was next. Good job Horde. I mean there was me, and me alone, looking for anyone else. And every point, and every point inbetween, there were small gangs of Alliance. I died a lot. "For the Horde." Yeah, that'd be my death.

I'm am so very psyched about everything I'm reading about the Burning Crusade Expansion. How quest reward gear will quickly equal that of Molten Core and beyond. Yowza. This is incredible news for players not in, or able to join, a big raiding guild. I'm still working for Rank 7 (or 8) just to grab the title Legionnaire or something better than Guard, and I'm close enough to Exalted with Frostwolf to finish that and grab an epic shield to help me get going in the Outlands on a good footing.

(New format courtesy of Blogger's new templates. I really like it. They've made the side bar management very easy. And publishing, and formatting are also very simple.)

P.S. I just created the moniker "Frostwolf Outriders" for that picture of Droonda and Msaker. Wow. So fitting. You've heard of the Warsong Outriders? Well, we're Outriders for the Frostwolf. (In keeping with our backstory, and Thrall's own life journey, and given we're bound for the Outlands.)

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