Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

Other than falling off the mesas a few times in Thousand Needles, I've got to say a level 25 Priest, coupled with a 27 Warlock, can rock a few Grimtotem camps.

I was very surprised how well Darbanville and Zauber did last night. Darbanville is my Forsaken Priest, and Zauber is my wife's Forsaken Warlock.

We had a Blueberry for a tank, and that was pretty good. And Darbanville can do some damage. Most of the Tauren we faced in the Grimtotem village were Orange to Darbanville. And yet she could even solo them. (Zauber was waiting, alive, on a bridge removed from her. She had to contend with wandering guards to reach him.)

If your Priest is surprised, getting a fear off buys you time to then get ready and deal with it. A second fear isn't too far behind if things aren't wrapping up well.

A bubble worked wonders shedding surprise aggro. Being level 25 I was aggroing hyenas, cougars, and those darn Grimtotems. But I found that I just shielded and ran, they'd give up on me shortly after the bubble wore off. A fear will also send them running so far once they resume the chase, you're long gone.

As for damage output, Darbanville was doing as much DPS as Zauber was. I know 'Lock DPS sneaks up on the victim and all, but it was satisfying enough to finish off mobs with mind flays. And Spirit Tap... I was only short on mana a few times.

Priest isn't half bad. And a guildie asked when we'd be ready for the Scarlet Monastery. Sure, we could run folks through with the 60's, but we're also trying to experience the place properly, i.e. on our own and appropriately for our level. I look forward to it.

Bring out your dead, indeed.

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