Thursday, October 5, 2006

Bubble Boy Chase.

Or, how to keep four morons busy. (See below.)

How to keep four morons busy. (See above.)

I've got a fever, and the only cause is more Pally.

Geeze loueeze Horde! GG. WTF? You're making this Warrior QQ.

Six losses in a row. In fact every match I could bear playing, we lost. First match I got into, three minutes in, folks are asking "Why do we always lose?" Hell, six matches later folks were still asking the same thing.

Did you know that in six matches we captured, and held, Stormpike Graveyard once? 1 time. One. Once. We actually reached the Aid Station too, once, and held it for some 30 seconds. 6 in a row, every game I could bear playing last night.

Otherwise six games, 6, sssssiiiiixxxxx games, we lost. We were beaten like batter before a bake sale. We had our clocks cleaned. "I'm tellin' ya, they kicked some ass there. Boy, they whupped your hide real good!" Uh, yeah. No kidding.

(My 51 Night Elf Hunter is soooooo going to own you Horde noobs! Just come to Alterac Valley! Please. Because, as I understand it, Horde still do very well in WSG and AB.)

So, as I, Msaker, and 3 others, chase a single Pally from Icewing Bunker down to Stonehearth Outpost (Balinda's Place), and he couldn't be bothered to properly die, I'm wondering "WTF are we doing?!" Seriously. It took four of us across a quarter of the map to kill one guy? Was it worth it? We don't have an offense, but, boy, we chased that Pally to hell and back. I'm a moron.

And Pallys. Hmm. Let's see, charge the Frostwolf Relief Hut. Drag all NPC defenders off it, and drag all the player defenders off it too, hold them on the lake in the back corner, for, oh, fifteen minutes I'd say, Got Bubble?, while half the Horde army tries to kill you. You're buddies can waltz in and cap it. Where's the honor in your bubble, Bubbleboy? Got Stun? Our priests will cut your reign short soon enough. Two words: MASS DISPEL. (soothing sounds, snip, snip.)

Oh yeah, isn't it insanely stupid to prevent the Alliance to just ride past us at Icewing Bunker. Every Alliance we kill there, respawns at our goal, Stormpike Graveyard. We create their own reinforcements that way! As we try, and I say try in the meekest, weakest, and flimsiest way, to take Stormpike Graveyard, you got Horde yahoo's in back, who aren't defending Galv, who aren't assisting the Offense, they're just sending Alliance reinforcements directly to Stormpike Graveyard. WTF folks! Are you daft? Let them have Snowfall, and kill them at the Frostwolf Graveyard if you got to farm your HK's, weak, and they'll return to Snowfall. Let's drain Stormpike of them. (Let's not keep sending them back there!)

6 out of 6 matches, lost, and with half the honor (i.e. half the accomplishment) of the Alliance side.

Remember how I was astonished that over the weekend I was actually in 3 of 3 wins? It really looks like there are A-Team players, and over the weekend they were in AV, and we held our own. Looks like the A-Team has moved to the other BG's now and the scrubs are left to their own devices trying to get Frostwolf Rep. I'm 56, 10% to Exalted, and there's nothing available to me now until level 60. No The Unstoppable Force. No Immoveable Object. I don't even have the Revered gear available to me until 60. Hey, that's good news for me. I'll go find the A-Team and work on PvP Rank instead.

Oh, yeah, and I also need to run Maraudon so my lovely wife, aka Droonda, can get herself a Hypertech Buckler, and some guildies can finish up some quests there. And then there's the Sunken Temple to go visit. The three of us now have our level 50 Class Quests to do there.


s4dfish said...

It's funny reading about AV from the Horde perspective. I'll lay out the general strategy I see Alliance using successfully.

1) Let Horde have SH, don't defent SH at all. In fact when we defend SH we seem to lose. I think the theory is that as long as you're rezzing at SH, you're not rezzing at FW, meaning we can probably take it.

2) Only things we defend are SP and the Aid Station.

3) FW GY is key for our successful assault. If you can prevent us taking it, you win. And if you do manage to lose FW, don't lose your aid station. Then you have run back from IB or SH, mostly meaning we'll get Drak before you can push us out.

Kinless said...

Sounds exactly like what I've witnessed.

Except for the Horde defending anything part. I'll say though, the one time I was involved in a lengthy defense of the fwgy we appeared to have stalled the alliance long enough to grab a win.

Saylah said...

Horde rocks AB in WSG on my server, so please, you gotta leave Alliance PVPers something. :-)

As for the pally, try leveling one. OMG painful. It's like watching paint dry and then they get to stand in the back with clothies and heal in the end-game. Dont begrudge them their bubbles. LOL

Anonymous said...

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