Sunday, November 26, 2006

And now, something completely different.

Logged on as Honorus tonight to join Effilda in her Duskwood quests.

I so very much enjoyed playing the Paladin tonight. So much so I leveled him from level 27 to level 29. It felt pretty powerful. I felt like a noob a few weeks ago in Redridge helping Effilda with the Gnolls there. Lower level, but many of them, and I was powerless.

Now, fighting equal, or higher level mobs, one or two at a time, we were quite the destruction machine. And vs. the Undead, Exorcism is just incredible for pulling+damage, and Righteous Fury helps me keep the aggro on me, and not my dear Effilda.

I'd been wondering, if I was limited to 10 characters on a server, who would I delete off Kirin Tor? My two choices were Paakanti, my Tauren Hunter, or Honorus, the Paladin. Having seen Paladins in action in the various Battlegrounds, they are capable. And I have a Hunter already in Arcarius. And a Tauren in Blackhoof. So I'm going to have to bid adios to Paakanti if we don't get any extra character slots. Because, today, being a Paladin felt great.

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yunk said...

Swing by the Kirin Tor official forum and sign up for the Secret Greatfather Winterfest (like Secret Santa). I especially need to get more horde involved.

Last year people were very generous, even the goofy grey items were fun