Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scholomance isn't so bad. Not so dusty now. But the future?

Ran Scholomance last night with my guild, Dark Ministry. We were Drerie, a Warlock, Shadwell, a Rogue, Athair, a Priest, Senthris, a Mage, and Msaker, the only non-Forsaken, an Orc Warrior.

That's the classic group. And we did well. We had shackles and sheeps and saps for crowd control. Few of us have collected much of the Tier 0 gear. Senthris and Athair have the PvP gear, and Athair got the Epic drop from ... Raz?, the robes. (Looking much less pink when he's in shadow form.)

So we tore through the place, providing an instruction of our own (Beware the living!) to the students and instructors of the School of Necromancy, and downed the Darkmaster Gandling.

Naturally, like Blackhoof's Molten Core days, the Hunters got the love and the Beaststalker Cap drops.

You know, PvP is a lot of work, but unless you can run Scholo without deaths (which we did not), it's at least a somewhat guaranteed source of set (albeit pvp, not pve) armor pieces. Run Scholo with a few deaths = 4g in repairs.

And the future, with your accumulated efforts not degrading, holds even more promise for set stuff. Running a five-man with possibilities of a class piece drop, 8 classes, odds are there will be a lot of disappointment. If you go collect your set piece afterwards, from a quest giver, that'll fix that. However, if the current instances remain as is, with the drops as is, I predict a lot of dusty halls.

P.S. All the usual bots are back in place in the Burning Steppes. Reporting them did nothing. I watched a bot sit in a fire for ten minutes. He'd be taking damage, so sit and eat something, and take damage, and so sit and eat something, and take damage and sit and eat something... It went on and on. I suppose when the food runs dry an alarm sounds on the pc and whoever is running the bot can attend to him. And where is all the Thorium at 3 a.m.? Gone. And 100 thorium minings later, where do Arcane Crystals drop again? It's not from Thorium veins. Blizzard may as well just offer to sell gold to players themselves so we can buy the crystals from the bot's AH & mail handling alts. If bots are A-Okay, and nice stuff costs thousands of gold, then they should get in on the act.

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