Monday, November 13, 2006

Three Alterac Valleys, three wins in a row last night. EPIX!

Ooh, I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.

Clearing over 100k in honor so far this week. One more night and we'll see how far into Rank 8 I got. I'm told Rank 10 is possible for me. That helm and those shoulders, on my Orc Warrior... Okay, but that's it though!

11:30 and I finally can call it a night.

Except I wanted to see how an auction I had for a blue +Healing piece of cloth head armor went for Darbanville. (I don't know the exact name of the item, but it's low level, like 26 or 27, a blue item, and some decent +Healing on it.)

She had one drop in Thousand Needles, and rather than wear it she put it up for auction. It sold for 25g (the Auctioneer suggested price).

Browsing in the Cloth section I saw another such hood. For 16g. I bought it and turned around and sold it for another 25g. That 25g I got last night in the mail.

I went back to the AH and found the same hood again. This time for 11g. I bought it and have listed it for 25g again. Come, buy my hoods! They're good. They're ZOMG! [BLUE]. You want them. Cheap. Only 25g.

After that transaction I noticed a lot of Shamans hanging out in lots of Earthfury on white Frostwolf mounts. So Blackhoof logged on and cycled his gear through his [Epix] sets while riding around on his white Frostwolf mount. Look at me! LOOK AT ME DAMMIT! ;) "Yes, yes, that is from Molten Core. ... No, that's after UBRS. ... Blackrock Spire. ... Know where Kargath is? ... ")

And, still before midnight, I logged. Fun!


Doeg said...

Grats on breaking 100K honor in a week!

I can relate -- I've "gotten serious" about PvP this week, and have long since passed my previous weekly honor best of ~40K. I woke up this morning to a ~113K honor tally and "celebrated" with an 29 min AV win before work -- the Horde early-morning bunch on Battlegroup 6 is awesome.

I, too, am gunning for Rank 10 - eventually - but I have a long road. I am a 58 prot warrior sitting at barely Rank 5 right now, and I *hope* that at this time tomorrow my toon will be in Rank 6 / officer territory. I really don't know if I can sustain 100K+ honor totals for weeks on end, but I have to treat January 16 as a 'hard deadline'.
Looking ahead, I'm wondering what impact having an AV holiday weekend coinciding with the USA Thanksgiving weekend will have.

Good luck on Rank 10!
I want the shoulders for my warrior, too -- I hope to put on the full Champion's Battlegear, pick the right color shirt, find a good backdrop, drink a Giant Growth potion, and take a screenshot...

Kinless said...


I think, though, that they will patch the new honor system in before the expansion comes out. I think I read that somewhere. Not good news for either of us. I think for this week, after 9 losses in a row tonight, I'm standing at 133k in honor for the week. 48% into Rank 7, so surely Rank 8 next week. And I promised the wife Rank 10 is it. I'll look like a Samurai at that point. ;)

Doeg said...

If they plan to patch in the new honor system early, then that's *really* bad news.

With ~134K honor on Rexxar last week, Doeg was able to move from low Rank 5 up to Officer - Stone Guard Doeg - low end of Rank 6. I found it interesting that my honor total was 98th this week for the Rexxar server. Looking at last week's Rexxar rank list on the WoW web site (not updated with this week's numbers yet), 98th was only among the Centurions, Rank 9. I guess I'll have to level to 60 to maximize honor gained.

Having made officer for the first time, I immediately ran to the Hall of Legends - "Discovered: Hall of Legends" - and control-clicked the Champions Battlegear set.
Agreed -- Samuri-looking armor. Pretty cool. Hope I can get it from 'dressing room' to 'equipped' :P

Doeg said...

I went looking for the 1.13 patch.
Now I *am* confused.
Patch or no patch?
Version 1.13 or 2.0?
Pre-BC or post-BC?
Honor changes included or not?

If I had to guess, I'd say that there will be a 1.13 (or 2.0 or whatever number) patch, and soon (I'd guess early December), and with little or no advance warning (especially since early December is already nearly upon us).
I'd also guess that it *will* drop in the new honor system.

And I don't think it matters to me right now, except giving more incentive to go ahead and ding 60 sooner rather than later.

It tends to lead one to understand the pre-BC "whether to bother" attitude that seems to be permeating the WoW community.