Thursday, December 7, 2006

Getting updated add-ons last night was like being a Gnome trying to join the Orgrimmar All-Star Basketball Team.

It wasn't going to happen. Not last night at least.

I did have some functioning add-ons though.

My Bongos bars worked with some hitches. (Sometimes it forgot to put my buttons from the current Stance on the action bar. So I had to switch stances to restore them.) I tried out Trinity Bars but did not care for the layout selections (Smiley Layout vs. Frown Layout. Hmmm.) and I couldn't figure out how to just hide a bar. Bongo's has got big, easy, configuration windows.

Got Fubar working but some of the add-ons kept hiccuping. Like HonorFu. TotalFu was exactly that.

ItemRack works fine.

Cartographer. Wow. That is a nice map replacement. Haven't tried it's "Gatherer" functionality yet, but with modules for Herbalism and Mining, I'm sure it's there.

Atlas and Atlas Loot are working. Atlas Quest I need to see updated. And Recommended Zone.

And I need a BG Bars mod. I tried Capping but didn't see anything while in the BG. I miss seeing AV bars ticking off captures and caps.

Warrior's weren't nerfed (too badly) from what I saw. I also noticed the talent tree was slightly different from what I saw on the PTR. I got my rage, and got some killing blows in, and isn't that what it's about? (And maybe Rage generation was an issue before. The other night in Winterspring, questing with my wife, I must have gotten a crit on a Furbolg since one hit filled my Rage bar. That seemed like a glitch.)

I haven't respecced anyone else yet since Msaker headed straight to the Battlegrounds. And we won half our AV matches. That was a nice change of pace.

Maybe Blackhoof will go dual-wielding Enhancement. That seemed to be great for PvE, and the upcoming get-to-70 grind fest.

But back to the add-ons. Some aren't working at 100% yet.

Like Clique. I can't get it to allow me to click on the name plate to target the unit. It just keeps wanting to cast heal spells when I click anywhere on the frame. It's got options where I can deselect parts of the frame but that didn't seem to be working.

I've heard about HealBot being functional so I might check that out.

And for those who think the clickheal mods are cheating: Go back into the shadows and gank something. Oh yeah, for you the clickheal button will remain broken. No heal for you! Come back one year! Next!

And so when I went to look for add-ons all three sites were down. Curse-gaming, WoW Interface, and WoW Ace was as well, off and on. Even their emergency files only site was iffy.

The Draenei are nigh.

What we found interesting was my wife got a brand new quest in Southshore ... from a Draenei guy in the Inn there. There appear to be some new quests added in the mid-ranges. (Some feared the expansion would be only including level 1-20 quests for the new races and the 60-70 ones in the Outlands.)


Doeg said...

I may need to try some add-ons once things get ironed out with them.
I'd be curious how a mining add-on worked...
I tried post-patch PvP for the first time this morning, in AV.

First off, I was dumped into an AV that was almost over; a Horde loss before I even reached the front. 1 HK, 20 bonus honor. w00t? bleah.

The second was an all-O race that the Horde lost. And lost right from the cave, I would say.
(Rule of thumb for those who don't know: Horde loses no-D races.)

The thing that I found most distressing was the impact that the new honor system had on the attitude of the AV group I chanced to be in. It was all-O, kill the NPCs, "make it fast" more important than "win". And some players were basically saying that it was about honor currency, fast. And who is to blame them? If I lose two matches in 30 minutes, or play a little D and (try to) win one match in 30 minutes, which is more honor? I don't know, but I'm guessing that the reasoning is that if the D stretches a win past 30 minutes (or if you stretch it out to 30 minutes - only to lose anyway) then it's more efficient to get it over fast, even if by doing so if you're basically conceding the loss. The 15 minute games give twice as much chance to grab honor by capping towers and graveyards and killing named AV mobs, too.

To be fair, there was a lot of that "just get it over fast" attitude in AV pre-patch. But usually that sort of talk didn't start until things were looking bad. This morning "all-O, get it over fast, win or lose" was the prevailing attitude of the talkers in the cave before the gate even opened.

The jury is still out, obviously. But I didn't like my initial taste of AV under the new "honor grind" system. Because if honor turns AV PvP just another grind for items against NPCs in what happens to be a PvP-enabled environment, then that will ruin one of my favorite parts of the game.

Doeg said...

Heading out for the weekend, and don't want to leave on a negative note, so...
The Warrior Arms tree is awesome for both PvE and PvP!
I'm able to take PvE mobs with much less trouble.
In PvP, well, for example, Arms tree in general plus Second Wind in particular turned the tables on rogues. I don't ever remember a rogue running from me before this morning :P

I have plenty of rage. My "problem" is often one of too much choice - so much rage, so many options... :)