Saturday, December 30, 2006

Me vs. the Haves.

But don't get me started.

I, Arcarius now, have gotten 30 WSG Marks, 37 AB, and 27 AV.

I have already traded in 20 AV Marks and 4k honor for the blue PvP gloves.

I'm working on getting 6k in honor so I can get the leggings for the WSG marks.

It is inconcievable to me how much some have played in order to get their epic PvP shoulders. And unlike Vizzini, I do know what that word means.

Or two High Warlord one-handers. Or the two-hander. I play too much already, and I'm not even in the same league, or sport even, as these people.

Oh, wait, ha ha, you must think I'm talking about folks in pre-mades. Well, no. Sure, the folks in pre-mades are earning 3 times the honor I am, and 3 times the marks, and hence 3 times the gear, or more! I'm talking about my pugmates. Jeeze, Louie, what's it take to keep up with you??? How many hours a day am I expected to play to compete?

Well, confession time here, maybe I'm a little spreadout here. A little diffused. See, while I'm working on Arcarius, I've also worked a bit on my Rogue this week. Taking Darkhand to level 48. And Greenclaw got some love, and a mount a little earlier. And I still play with my darling wife as we venture out with our Night Elves, the Warrior Freewind and Druid Itarilde. And once they get their mounts, then it'll be time for the Dead to come out and play, her Mage and my Priest. And we'll be joined by our friend Nachmahd and his undead Warlock.

So Arcarius isn't benefitting from my exclusive attention.

Blackhoof, the MC and BWL raider, he's got 55 days /played on him. And he's pretty much retired. He used to get a lot of my attention. But since I'm no longer raiding, more time for the rest.

So with three 60's, two in the 40's, 3 in their 30's, and 2 from the new races, and I've got a full house. And it's not bad. I have as well.

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