Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thank God for mageweave.

That's the last pre-order I'll ever do. A pet can't possibly be worth the week's delay getting into the Outlands.

All my guildies, Horde and Alliance side, are in Hellfire Peninsula. I got so tired of hearing their "Oh, wow, look at ..." and "Wasn't that hilarious, I'm laughing so hard ..." that I had to leave our guild chat.

Msaker's stuck farming mageweave for Darbanville, and Arcarius knows it's pointless to strive for PvP rewards anymore. (And who's there to PvP with anyway? Everyone is in the Outlands already.) Blackhoof is grazing somewhere, building up strength.

If it weren't for mageweave, I'd have no game at all.
Gloom, dispair, and no BC for me.


Hexapuma said...

hehe, sounds like you have to wait just like me. Decided to return to WOW for the TBC... reactivated and then found out that the expansion was out of stock.. have to wait a few more days before going through the portal. But... I need time anyway to figure out where to place my talent points.

Kinless said...

That's right, the Rogue respec. I've still got to do that with my 49 (or is it 48) Rogue. In your opinion, is Swords still the best for leveling up?

Lassirra said...

Isn't it barren in Azeroth these days?! A friend of mine is still working their way to 60 (they just started playing a few months ago), and they're despairing of ever being able to find a group for instances now, with everyone off and running for Outland. At 56, he can't make it through the portal yet, and he loathes grinding, so he's having a hard time leveling without groups to run instances with (particularly since everyone sees the higher-level instances as worthless now, thanks to the great gear in Outland), so he's not a happy camper at the moment.

I can't imagine how all these changes will effect gameplay in the long run. Guess we'll all just have to wait until the dust settles to see what's going to happen...

Kate said...

I wanted to shamelessly plug our wow site, which we've done a first podcast for and we're after some feedback :D
We're back for TBC as well, with new chars and everything :)

Saylah said...

I feel your pain. I'm stuck working out of town for another week. I can get on WOW using my work PC - which barely performs. But have to wait until I get home for BC on my own PC. Not much for me to do either. Am also getting mageweave do make DE items for an enchanter.

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