Friday, February 16, 2007

New Blood.

Kaelstra, Paladin.

On a PvP server to boot.

Kaelstra dinged 12 after playing 5 hours. (Droonda is on her way to Italy on a bus at the moment.) He ran into Bloodr and signed the charter for Bloodr's guild "Buttered Monkeys."


Excaliber1 said...

lol, that guild name still makes me chuckle! :) Well, glad to have you in the guild! If you need any help wisper Kelthias (my BE pally)

Kinless said...

Thanks Ex.

I probably will for the level 20 Pally quest. I will feel unprepared until I get that polearm.


I can't make any new postsnow (something about a proxy server) but I can comment. (Go figure.)


I just made the name up. Usually I go for Sunsomething type names (Sunstriker, Sunhawk, etc.) for the Blood Elves, but on this one I just winged it.

Kael sounds elvish. -Stra is a suffix I've heard before. Sounds strong.

Kael is actually Gaelic, and could mean, either 1) Might Warrior, or 2) Slender, fair. I could not have picked a more appropriate name for a Blood Elf Paladin, could I?

The -stra suffix is Friesian. When they were forced to adopt surnames by the French, some simply added some suffixes to what they already had.

It used to be they, the Friesians, had two names, and for their son they reversed it. Jan Kirk's son was typically Kirk Jan. Well, the French came and you got the Janstra family. (I'm probably simplifying.)


And it's Gaelic+Friesian. And, oddly, my dad's side is of Scottish origin, and my mom's of German.

For a name to be plucked out of the air that is so good...

Anyway, this occured to me, and I can't post, so I made a comment.

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