Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Retesting Old Waters.

I am taking up Gitr's call to create a Blood Elf character over on the Burning Legion server. BL is a PvP server, and while I did level up Darkhoof (now Blackhoof) to 60, and Msaker and Darkhand, to their mid 40's on one, I was preferring to join my wife on nice, safe, RP servers for the built-in parties of 2 deal with over-the-shoulder vent action.

But I'll take the plunge again, and I've created Kaelstra, a Blood Elf Paladin. The most annoying enemy to run into for me, while PvPing, has been the Paladin. So I figured I'd better return the favor to the Alliance and join the Bubble Boy Team, albeit the dark, yet light, side.

Warlock's aren't annoying. They're just outright rabidly dangerous, steer clear, PLAGUE CARRIER! RUN!!, crazy annoying and dangerous. Paladins you just gave up on and let them go their own way.

Anyway, let's see how that goes. Doesn't help that I call it a night at 12-1am and that's just prime time for ... what time zone in Burning Legion anyway? It's all good. :)

Otherwise you'll see I've added some of my wifes characters over on the side-bar, the partners of my characters. Not each of them. When she saw I hadn't added Ombria, her level 20 Night Elf Rogue, or Winkydink, her level 20-something Gnome, or Zauberin, her level 36 or so Forsaken Mage, or Hialeah, her level 14 Tauren Hunter, ... I'm thinking "That's my girl!" She's got an alt for every alt I have! :)


Gitr said...

BL is a Dallas, TX server running Central time (-6 GMT). It's an hour before me, so it makes it a bit late for my schedule. I need to find a realm somewhere 800 miles off the Eastern seaboard of Florida. :)

I'll be glad to play along with you some time on the weekends if I get some afternoon playtime in.

Excaliber1 said...

Hmm..that means BL is one hour behind me...cool...