Friday, March 9, 2007

Addons, the live list.

What I plan to do in way Addons, and using Bloggers label feature, is keep a listing of the addons I'm using, explain why I like them, and keep a link for where I found them, and keep this in a post I'll keep updated. A precursor to that list is the list below (if you've browsed directly to posts with the Addons label) or found in the Jan 2007 archives.

When that list is done visitors can use the link in the sidebar, "**** Add-ons I use **** " in order to jump to it quickly.

Some folks don't like add-ons. They think addons are crutches, and to that I say "Hey, whatever lines your cave." Blizzard has built the functionality into the game for users to customize their interface however they like. They build in restrictions as well to keep it from getting out of hand. It's a feature Blizzard supports. And Blizzard appears to have designed raid encounters that demand add-ons of one type or other. Mass decursing in Molten Core anyone? And Blizzard has taken some of these good ideas and built them into the interface over various patches. (Usually not as good as the "state of the art" that the addon authors produce. Scrolling combat text, for one.)

For those that like add-ons, hope my list proves of interest and/or value to you.


DM Osbon said...

Ah I didn't know Auctioneer was back with us...great heads up on that thanks.

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