Thursday, March 8, 2007

And, something completely different: Troll Paladins.

Troll Paladins.

No, not the race. Paladins able to regenerate insane amounts of health. Like a Troll.

I brought Honorus out last night, and he quested a bit with Effilda. This is our Human Pally-Mage duo, where I'm the Paladin and my wife the Mage.

Anyway I was curious about something after reading a little about Paladin AoE grinding.
Anyway, the tactic basically boiled down to

Keeping Blessing of Wisdom on myself.
Casting Seal of Light
Judging mob with Seal of Light
Casting Seal of the Crusader
Finishing off mob Judging Seal of Crusader

It was pretty darn amazing. At level 32 every swing got me +25 health. And holding a 2.00 speed one-handed mace, sped up by the Crusader seal, I was recovering any health lost. The Retribution Aura produced Holy Damage, as did the first Judgement, and I've got Righteous Fury going. Plus my shield's got an iron spike on it, when I dinged 33 I put a point into Redoubt in the Protection tree. With 4 more points there I'll put 5 into the talent to reduce the mana cost of seals and judgements.

So Effilda and Honorus traveled to Southshore and we went to the Yeti Cave and got fur clumps from them. That was nice with no down time.

And when Effilda got aggro I used a macro in the KiSS principle: /target Effilda, /cast Righteous Defense. It worked but it didn't hold like a Warriors taunt does. I.e. I'd get a swing in and it would revert right back to Effilda. We'll have to experiment a bit more with that.

Honorus and Effilda are good practice for Halcyon and Sunstriker. And being a Troll sometimes is good.


GSH said...

/cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense

That's the macro you want. Transforms RD so you can taunt the mob directly, or cast it on a friendly if you prefer.

It's true that the time the mob is taunted is shorter than a warrior's taunt. I like to Judge Righteousness immediately after the taunt. That's usually enough to retain aggro.

As well, your tactic isn't really the best for holding aggro. It's great for soloing. (Well, I don't really understand what judging Crusader at the end does.)

However, Righteous Fury relies on Holy damage to generate extra threat. And you are not doing any holy damage other than Retribution Aura. If you ran Seal of Righteousness instead, you'd probably have a much easier time holding aggro.

Kinless said...

I was just playing around with the health regeneration thing. Yes, it seemed excellent for soloing/grinding. And the first time I tried such a tactic.

The Judging Crusader at the end was just a finisher for a last burst of damage. I may as well put it to use. Unless, of course, I need to fire off another Judgement after moving on to another mob close by. (I do have improved Judgement though.)

Yeah, with my wife I'd have to do a bit more Holy Damage. There's the one that'll proc 70% of weapon damage. Not sure which Seal that is.

I will give that macro a try.

And running Seal of Righteousness, and judging it after a Righteous Defense, sounds good.

This is pretty much me figuring out how to play a Paladin on my part, and then I can impart the learned wisdom to my wife who, at level 16, is thinking being a Paladin is sooo boring. It can be fairly active too as I'm finding out.

I appreciate the advice though!

s4dfish said...

If your concern is holding aggro (which as a tankadin is always a concern) make sure you keep Seal of Righteousness up. With Righteous Fury your Holy damage is +60-90% threat and you SoR is a steady stream of threat. If you're concerned about keeping your HP up, you can JoL the mob then switch to SoR, judging possible. As gsh mentioned, all your significant threat stems from Holy damage, so work on maximizing that, even if it gimps your white damage. We're not here to kill stuff, just piss it off.

Provided my wife gives my two seconds before she unloads I can hold aggro against her crazy elemental shaman aggro generation.

For AoE grinding (which is a blast BTW). Keep JoW/SoL up. That'll keep your mana and HP at decent levels which will allow you to pop consecration from time to time. My record was 15 equal level murlocs in one phase of combat, probably 9 at one time, rest coming from adds.