Friday, March 2, 2007

Death in the Mosh Pit.

Last night was a good night.

Last night I, Msaker, rustled through my bank account and bags, sold all that I could spare, and amassed another 300 gold. Mind you this was on the heels of my own purchase of the training required to ride an epic mount just days earlier. Not sure how I managed it, but there it was. The last of the auctions collected from the mailbox and tallying the figures, 300 gold.

Now Droonda had already been given some gold. Blackhoof had given her no small amount already, his Outland questing going well enough. (And the big cow has had an epic mount since forever now.) And Darban-"I'm not a bank alt!!!"-ville has been selling a lot of Outland derived loot and materials. Her activities provided a large amount of the cash Msaker needed, and Droonda got some as well.

Anyway, Msaker rejoined the story in progress, in Kargath, and he goes to the Burning Steppes in his quest to get a little more thorium. And in a "pics or it didn't happen" moment (I'll add pics later! - added) I actually mined an Arcane Crystal. WTF? I've been mining thorium for months and that's my first one. Ever. I was so shocked I had to screen shot it. When it turns out I need 3 for an Arcane Rod for my enchanter, Darban-"I'm more than an enchanting alt"-ville, my heart sinks a little. (Blackhoof later transmutes it, with a little Thorium, into an Arcanite Bar. Woot! I was perplexed however that the item text wasn't orange for legendary.)

All the Thorium will buy plans so I can craft an Imperial Plate set for Halcyon, my wife's Paladin.

So, back to the story, Droonda logs on and I tell her to check her mailbox. She's got cash. I've returned to Orgrimmar and ask her to meet me at the wolf seller. It's time she bought her epic mount. I gave her the last 250 gold she needed and she picked the Swift Gray Wolf. She's got her trinket and I've now got spurs made and am waiting to put them on her boots. Two Orcs on fast wolves. Nice.

So, that mission done we hearth back to Shattrath and fly back to Falcon Watch to wrap up some odds-and-ends projects.

Not much later we're asked by a guildie could we please come to Un'Goro Crater. ... That's like 20-30 minutes away. What did he want? His level 54 Blood Elf, Mortannon, had found King Mosh and wanted to kill it and see what loot it dropped, and skin it for mad amounts of Ravasaur Leather.

Well, we fly to Shattrath, port to Orgrimmar, and fly to Marshals Point. The hunt was on.

Well, the first go wasn't stellar. Droonda was not wearing her "Healing" outfit and the 54 Hunter's DPS wasn't that great, and King Mosh has 61,000 hit points, and that's 10 times what I have. I'm stomped, the Hunter goes down, and Droonda, beloved Shaman Princess, bites the dust of Un'Goro Craters floor.

Alright. Plan B. Mortannon logs off and brings out Maelstrom, his level 65 Undead Warrior. Msaker would tank, Droonda would be healing in her Healer gear, and Maelstrom would DPS.

The first fight I noticed the bear was feared a lot. Msaker was never feared. The second fight I was feared over and over. But with a Tremor Totem out I recovered quickly enough.

And the 2nd time King Mosh did the dust munching thing. Pwned. Shammy and two Warriors.

We loot and King Mosh had a Jade Plate Chest Armor hidden on him (not a bad piece of armor) and Mortannon returned and skinned King Mosh. The big guy dropped 1 piece of Ravasaur Leather. One. :) Ah well.

We saluted Mortannon and hearthed back to Shattrath. We did finish the couple of quests we'd started and then we journeyed to the Cenarian Refuge in Zangarmarsh and logged off for the night.
P.S. Going to Paris for the weekend. Woot. Viva la vacation.


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