Sunday, May 6, 2007

Zauberin, my wife's Mage, reaches 40.

A little while later she also got Whitemane's Chapeau. Stylish.

You'll note the cats on Blackhoof's hands. I call them Tom and Felix. They are the Nexus Claw and the Void Talon. I picked them up in the Stormspire from the Consortium guys. Level 66 vendor stuff. I was cranking out over 400 dps with them in the Scarlet Monastery. Absolutely brutal. I guess I always figured faster was better for Shamanistic Rage and mana regen. But damage output is damage done. The Hungering Bone Cudgel was just too fast for a proper main hand. I needed top end damage and the Claw delivers. Now if I could get some proper Shaman weapons...

Too, there is a quest in Blades Edge. The final reward is a dagger with +109 Healing. The Thunderlord Scalpel. Thing is it's One-Hand. Most every +Healing one-hander is for the Main-Hand. This isn't. So I'm dual wielding it with the Mogor's Anointing Club, with +160 Healing, for some healing goodness. +573 in my +Healing getup. Finally something to replace my Landslide Buckler with.


rubber duckie said...

i'm also playing WoW with my fiancee and i have a question. Is it easier to level if we both are of the same level and party together and do all the questing in the same group? OR will it be faster if I use my level 70 and she party up with me and we go do all her quests?
Just curious....

Kinless said...

Good question.

We do a mix of both.

Her Mage and my Priest are the same level and we do the regular, soloable, quests together. Same for her Shaman and my Warrior, and our Druids.

But if we need/want to do an instance, like the Scarlet Monastery and we don't want to wait for a successful PUG run, that's when we run the other character through. Or if a particular drop is desired, like the Illusinary Rod and Whitemane's Chapaeu (Scarlet Monastery), the Commander's Crest (Shadowfang Keep), or what have you. She's the sole beneficiary and gets everything.

If you want to power level her outside of an instance, it's best to let her do all the work, and you simply keep her alive via heals and/or controlling adds. You don't want to be grouped and reducing the xp gain.

Power leveling via instances seem to produce a lot of xp. HOWEVER, the game experience would boil down to one following the other around. That can't be fun.

It's fun to do the quests appropriate for our level with same level characters.

It's fantastic to also realize how few "roadblocks" there are if you have a powerful friend to help, when needed.

Besides, if you're questing together, you're leveling together, and experiencing together, and it's a better experience all around.

Anonymous said...

Kinless, excellent observations.

My wife and I have leveled our main-pair together since level 20 or so, and are in the Outlands pushing level 62.

Some things I'll add:
-- If you're leveling together, you pretty much need to keep it that way because you will want to keep your quests in synch. It is nice in that most quests, even group quests, can be handled by a pair of toons who work together well. You'll probably find that you're able to take on mobs up to three levels above without too much trouble (though the aggro range can be a pain).
-- A high-level main is helpful for errands like buying the Cooking or First Aid books, or buying vendor recipes & patterns in higher-level areas.
-- Avoid taking the same gathering skills (for obvious reasons)
-- We found that our main pair of my wife's BM Hunter and my Shadow Priest are really good together, in that we have tank-DPS-healer all in a mini-party. We also have a lower-level BM Hunter / Affliction Warlock pair that has worked well up through level 23-ish even though lacking healing capability.


Triff said...

That idea you had for dual-wielding healing weapons...well just to warn you, next patch that's being nerfed. The Thunderlord Scalpel (and Ceremonial Kris, another off-handable healing item) are becoming main-hand only weapons. :(

Keystone said...

Congrats on the wife hitting level 40 on her Mage, which happens to be the best class in the game!!! heh j/k j/k

Seriously thou, reading this post made me miss the Scarlet Monastery (one of my favorite instances). I think I'll run it tonight on my level 38 Warlock.

Kinless said...

Yep. 2.1 Patch notes confirm: Windfury being nerfed, and all +Healing weapons are Main-Hand or Two-Hand. Good grief. Getting better: Msaker's axesmithing took a round too, in that axes will require more materials to make. Yay! It's already mind numbing farming for Blackhoof to be farming the motes to create 1 single Primal Might. And I need to turn over 4 to get Transmutation Master. Then I need 5 more to make the first Planar Edge. (And 20 Primal Shadows.) Now more of both no doubt.