Saturday, April 29, 2006

My guild scares me.

There's nothing we can't do. Tonight, on it's 2nd serious Razorgore attempt, they kill it.

I say "they" because, mid-raid, I gave up my spot for another Shaman. I figured if we were learning, he could learn some too, yada yada yada, they down him next try.

First try we'd gotten all by 8 or 12 eggs. Second try we got all the eggs and Razorgore to 69%. I left the raid then to give my spot to someone else. Some minutes later they announce Razorgore went down.

My guild scares me how good they are.

Sadly, I missed the 1st Rag kill, I wasn't there the 2nd time they took him down, and now I missed the 1st Razorgore kill.

Next Friday. They're going to have to pry me out of the raid group with iron crowbars or something. I'm going to be there and get the screenshot.


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