Monday, May 1, 2006

ZOMG. Four hours, twentyseven minutes.

Yow. I attended my guilds MC run on Sunday. We started at 6pm. They've downed Rag twice now. Was I going to be there for the threepeat? You betcha.

As you know I've respecced. I'm an 0/28/23 talent build Shaman. I've got Improved Rockbiter *and* Improved Windfury *and* Improved Lesser Healing Wave *and* Nature's Swiftness. (Oh, and Flurry too.)

I was a little worried about how my healing would be. Being all Resto before (but for 2-handed weapons) 0/11/40, I figured that the build had a little to do with things. As the New Yorkers would say, Forgedaboudit. I'll get to that.

We started at 6pm, and it was wham, bam, moving on ma'am. It was a little disorientating at first. I was not put with the Main Tank's group. (Perhaps my upcoming departure, or perhaps the respec?) I was in with two Warriors, a Rogue, and a Druid. Not tanks, so they got the Strength Totem, and the Windfury Totem, and I dropped the Fire Resist Totem when we were fighting fire stuff, and the Healing Stream Totem when we weren't. And I was healing. Everyone.

I pretty much got my bearings as we closed in on Lucifron. And then we got Magmadar. With my respec I actually sold my Twig of the World Tree 2-handed mace when I got my Doomulus Prime at the Cenarian Hold. And off Magmadar, at the threat of it being DE'd (since I want the hammer that you get with parts off Rag!!) I bid on, and won, the Earthshaker. I've been reading up on it. I'm of the understanding it will rock! Woot.

And so we careened on. Gehennas. The Baron. Shazzrah. Then on up to Sulfuron. Then down to Golemag. And at last to Domo. We were plowing through MC at a record pace. No wipes. Hardly any deaths. (What's gotten into us?!)

Along the way a trash mob dropped the Earthfury Bracers. Only two Shamans didn't have it, one of them me, and the other passed so I could get them. 7/8 Earthfury, missing only the legguards, and for legs I'm wearing the Salamander Scale Leggings which have much better +Healing and FR than the EF.

And then we get to the big guy. Ragnaros himself. We lined ourselves up, and I somehow get knocked back from the spot where I shouldn't get knocked back from, twice into the lava and I die. I'm thinking "Oh, crap." But, NO, IT CAN'T BE! Rag is at 16, then 6, then 3, 2, ... 1! What the hell? What did they do? Rag went down like ... he died real quick.

The pic's a little small. But it shows Rag, dead. See the little bars on the right hand side? On the Healing Meter? The pink bar = Shaman. That's me. On the top of the Healing Charts, Four hours, twentyseven minutes, a MC Full Clear, and I, your humble Shaman, top the Healing Charts. The white lines are the Priests, the orange lines the Druids. Wowza. My first Ragnaros kill. And my healing continues to kick butt.

Ah. The Happy Shaman. Decked out in Earthfury, his Staff of Dominance enchanted with +55 Healing. Earthshaker in a backpack. Ragnaros dead in the background.

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