Friday, November 24, 2006

And for dessert, revenge served cold.

So here was poor Darbanville, level 29 Priest. Trying to get a job done in Tarren Mill. Kill a few apprentice blacksmiths, get a shipment of iron. Well, she'd done all that. Why not try for a little more experience?

So she attacks another guard. Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain, and then Shield. The Guard hits her and takes the Touch of Weakness on. She begin to fire her wand at him. A level 37 Paladin comes up.

She's already been killed once tonight by alliance. They flagged themselves, another Paladin and a Warrior, and, well, one thing led to another, she fired off a Fear, and next thing they're all embroiled and we all die. The Dorf laughs. And the Pally's not to be seen again.

Not this next Paladin. He actually puts a protective shield on the Guard. Because all of a sudden Darbanville is doing no damage. And she can't see this shield, nor does it register as a buff on him. Paladin has gotten himself flagged though.

He runs off and she's left to fight the Guard. Eventually, as the Paladin returns, the Guard is weakened, Mind Flayed, and a Shadow Word: Pain finishes him off. Paladin runs up the road towards Shadow Fang Keep.

That's where Darbanville logs off and Blackhoof, posted in Tarren Mill as a protective guard, logs in. He changes to fighting gear, casts windfury on his reaver axe, puts up a lightning shield, and transforms to ghost wolf form because he looks less threatening that way. Just another Shaman on quests.

He runs up the road towards SFK. There's a level 60 Night Elf Priest coming up behind him. On an epic mount he passes Blackhoof just as Blackhoof passes our Paladin. He targets the Priest but the Priest is minding his own business. Now running ahead of the Paladin, Blackhoof then notices the Paladin has targeted him. The Priest disappears ahead of him, and he does a u-turn. The Paladin isn't realizing the full impact of what's to come.

Blackhoof's in the same guild as Darbanville. Big Danger! sign. The Paladin doesn't pay attention. So when our Paladin attacks an Undead NPC there at the tower, Blackhoof hits him with a Frostshock. The Pally runs south now and bubbles. Blackhoof follows and waits for the bubble to burst. Which it does. Another Frostshock, the swing of the axe, and our Paladin hits the dirt of the road.

Darbanville comes back, runs up the road, but only a skeleton is to be found. Not sure if a /sigh, /shrug, or a /spit would have been appropriate. Our Paladin wisely, though he didn't have to in this case, chose to use the Spirit Healer and rezzed in the safety of Southshore.

I learned my lesson. I got flagged, I died. And what comes around, goes around.


Excaliber1 said...

i shulda rolled pvp server..i like the idea of pvp alot. sure id get ganked, but everyone gota pick themselves up and brush the dirt of themselves and hop back up on the horse =]

Kinless said...

I'm thinking once they do away with the dishonorable kills we'll see more world pvp even on pve or rp servers. Ran into a little of it in the Eastern Plaguelands capturing towers the other night. It's controlled, but accessible.

Excaliber1 said...

jw, how much does dishonorable kills gets u..i got 3 on the raid during cross roads x.x

Kinless said...

1 DK will erase a ton of HKs from what I was told. Anyone seriously grinding Honor couldn't afford a single one.

We did a guild raid once on Stormwind City, got 1 DK, and someone ranted and /gquit.

The DKs were pretty serious for someone trying to rank up.

Now for those who weren't worried, "Meh, they're all dead."

One raid on Darnassus included a team that wasn't worried about the DKs. They took out the civilians.

Excaliber1 said...

oh goes my chance for "Knight" status before i still have time i must know when the patch will be released =/!

Doeg said...

Last I saw, Blizz said "early December" for the patch.
What does that mean? Probably a Tuesday in the first half of December.
But I really don't know, and neither does anyone else :P

That's the trouble for the WoW PvP community. Not knowing when raises the specter of a big PvP honor week being zeroed-out by the patch. And lost gear upgrades if you would have gone up in rank.

Are you a gambler? Then ante-up and play for rank in PvP.
Not a gambler? Then fold, and run instances instead.

I'm going for rank anyway. Stone Guard today, Blood Guard tomorrow morning! That's my hope, but if it doesn't pan out, then whatever. I hit 60 on Thanksgiving Day, and had a GREAT week for PvP gear upgrades already because of reputation gains (Defilers-Honored plate belt, plus Frostwolf Insignia Rank 6 and Frostbite, The Immovable Object, and Don Julio's ring from AV/Frostwolf) -- and the Helm of Valor on my first Scholo run!
So I won't let anything ruin a week like this one.

Kinless said...

My first Scholo run the Beaststalkers Helm drops. No Shaman or Hunter in the group. Go figure. :)