Sunday, December 17, 2006

Getting in the holiday spirit.

Beating down Darkmaster Gandling and taking his dumb hat.

We rocked the place and Senthris got a green hat. Elsewhere some Paladin loot. Grrr. For Msaker some nice +Defense shoulders with more armor than the Champion's one (seen here) and the Phantasm Cloak off Jandice Barov (also seen here).

A view of my UI. Lots of ACE add-ons. I like info. (I am going to reduce the 3 bars on the side down to 1 using Autobar. I'm getting used to it and can do away with a lot of extra bars.)

And lovely Droonda, Orcish Shaman Princess, is level 59 1/2. She's almost made it. As they say "You've come a long way, Baby!" (She's #3 in the party, with the green helm. She did half the healing. And did it well.)

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