Thursday, December 14, 2006

My research into Druid Feral Form.

Greenclaw needs a little attention and I know I should get busy with him again. Level 38 is very, very close to 40.

So I took a look around the web and found two solid Feral Druid strategy guides.

The first is one is by a guy named Alamo. He's got "street cred" given he plays a Bare Durid.

The second guide is from someone I'm shocked to learn plays WoW. We know Dave Chapelle, Vin Diesel, and Chuck Norris had toons. But this guy too?

First up is Alamo on Cat Form Druids:

gif animation

And the second ... this guy is inspiring. If he can find the time to develop the theory of relativity, and level a Druid to 60 ... Wow. Just wow.

(He should have rolled a mage though since his +Int is probably real high.)

And that's about what I found worth sharing.


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Samownall said...

LOL funny pictures!